Daily Blog and Thoughts

Wed Sept 6, 9:28pm….well join my loony bin day, some days I think loony, some days normal, but most of all

Just the way life turned out.

It has made us who we are. And who are we you probably have not asked? Well let us tell you anyways!

Meet …

Gloria and Toodles invite you to share their life, one day at a time, if you are bored, lonely, and sometimes semi-psychotic, then lets hope you get a laugh at sharing out life..

Gloria a very mature golden oldie, lots of life experience, or just lots of experience… very opinionated, tired of the ordinary, hates cats, snakes, and sushi, conversation that always starts with the letter F or B, loves The Blacklist, a good laugh, Palm Bay coolers, and cowboys that wear skinny jeans.

Toodles is a total princess set on WORLD DOMINATION and kittens. Or is it KITTENS and world domination??? Keep reading and between the lines, maybe one day you can piece the puzzle together.

For those who keep reading there will be contests available with fun, nifty, vitally important prizes and presents you absolutely cannot live without. Gloria and Toodles have literally THOUSANDS of ideas for giveaways and while the discussion of when to offer the first giveaway is still being hashed out, the breaking news will be broken soon.


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