The Daily 08/09/16;



So today’s story
Someone said I might qualify for a Cougar, not knowing what that meant, I  googled and found this picture …now I know
I slept in this morning (bad Gloria!) missed my best bus, jumped off the bus at McDonalds for my morning brew YIKES it is closed,  oh good drive thru is open, but I am walking?  Duh, I am sure this nice red van will help, I knock on the window and ask the driver if he will pick me up a coffee and hold out my money, he says  Get your OWN!  now Gloria is a little hurt, I explain I am late for work, and the Drive Thru is open, and again hold out my money, he says NO and rolls up the window  and drives away, well this sucks, I don’t think he understands the term “Cougar”
I am sure Gloria has had better days, Toodles No More Cats!!

2 thoughts on “Gloria the cougar

  1. I went through the same McDonald’s a few nights ago and we had a man come up to the window. He asked us to get him $5 worth of McDoubles. We had no problem doing that for him. Gloria were you foaming at the mouth when you asked for the coffee? Maybe he was just a mean man. I hope he gets a pebble in his shoe and it bugs him all day.


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