The Daily 09/09/16;
Another day, another little post.
Okay off topic … but aren’t Man Buns great!  I mean the hair buns, I love them, I see now you can even buy clip on ones for guys that don’t have enough hair!
Long Live Man Buns!!
Did you think I was kidding with the Man Buns? You know I don’t kid about stuff like this. <—– pssst! there is a link here, click it! you know you wanna!
There, now you are all set.
Tomorrow is going to be my nice and pass it on day, still a little pissed at the guy that would not get me a coffee at McDonalds yesterday, how hard is it do something nice…even once in awhile. -Gloria



So I know we work towards finding humour in the everyday on Crankyface, but I want to take a moment to talk about something that is very serious. Tonight I came across a telethon Stand Up To Cancer

Take a look at their site and pledge to get screening. Despite the fact my age and gender based results told me to mind my drinking, I forgive them and am passing this site on to our handful of readers.

Tomorrow I have a great big blog post planned on ME! So come back and visit! -Toodles


Oh yes, and here lets do a contest for fun. No physical prize for this one, but I will have something special for the winner. To qualify an entry just post in the comments section THE UGLIEST CUP IN THE WORLD!!!!


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