So I have been using this site for over a year. I think it’s pretty cool. It is especially awesome if you enjoy shopping online or earning points. I managed to save up enough points to get gift cards for over $60 in less than a year. Keep in mind I am a shoppaholic. But you can also earn points for playing the games on their site and watching videos or taking polls and surveys. I found I did not qualify for a lot of the surveys so I wasted a lot of time with those. But you can even let the videos play in another browser window while you do other things online and you earn the points still. The most lucrative way to earn is to shop at some of the major affiliated retailers. You also have a chance to find out about coupons or discounts through this site and that equals some major savings. Check it out and if you sign up through my link you will also be helping out your ol pal Toodles. If you use the browser add on you also get points for running online searches with them. I often look up cats!

Here is my very special link just for you kids!


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