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So the Kardashians we aren’t, but we thought if you would like to hear from real life people, with real life problems, real life experiences, and daily comments and to give you a laugh, give you hope, or give you the do’s and don’ts … or the stop n go.

If this rings true to you, then drop in every day to what someone might call our dish and bitch blog.

So today I did an experiment with being nice to everyone I met, (I figured an hour would be long enough)  I was still midly pissed at the fellow that would not pick me up a coffee at the McDonalds Drive Thru, I started by offering to buy a stranger a coffee, she refused, said why would I do that?  I said well I am having such a good day wanted to share it with someone, she told me to %&$ … (there is that letter F that I don’t like!)  she said she had money to buy her own, oh well, there are a lot of other people,  the next was a mother with her hands full kids and parcels, I opened the door for her, her reply is thanks but I can manage, okay this isn’t going well at all, and my hour is almost up. I noticed as I was walking home lots of garbage along the sidewalk and street, that’s it, I can give back by picking up garbage, I was doing well until someone came by and said Oh Dear, I am so sorry, here I have some change for you, and gave me a toonie!!  After the morning I have had I said Thanks!
I gave the toonie to a couple on the street, along with a coffee card, they were so appreciative.  Why do we find it so hard when someone wants to give us something?  Interesting?  It makes 2 people feel good, the giver and the receiver, come on people lets try and do both! -Gloria



Gloria! I can hardly believe people had such a hard time accepting niceness! Kudos to you for trying that social experiment. I think we both should go out some weekend and do it together. I would be interested in the reactions of people when they know someone else is watching. Maybe we could take turns each holding a door when there is a double entrance. Hmmmmm. Food for thought!

Question. What’s the difference between Toodles and a kid in a candy store? Nothing! Give me credit and the world of things to buy and my will power won’t last long. It is doubly painful becase in my world everything has possibilities. I tell myself ‘well if I buy this I can then make THIS with it! And if I purchase THIS my blah-blah-blah will finally be complete!’

I am a sale hound and a thrift store junkie. This makes for a perfect storm of REASONABLENESS that is hard to argue. I must buy everything! I haffta have it! Please mom! Just. One. More. Thing…

Fun for awhile until reality kicks in. No money and a house full of crap I never actually needed in the first place. I think I have become a hoarder. Not out of wanting to keep everything but as a side effeect of my rampant consumerism. It’s a pattern, I’ll fixate on something for a while, like books, and look everywhere for deals and sales etc. Then CHA-CHING! I blink and my house is full of all these books I cannot possible read all of them. I am lucky if I manage reading 12 books in a year. What in the holy eff was I thinking?

It doesn’t stop with books. In the past it has been scarves, dishes, costumes, craft items, the list goes on. Why do I do this? Google says maybe I have some deep dark emotional void I am trying to fill. Maybe I am not loved enough by my minions. Genetics? Seriously though, it couldn’t possibly be due to my own lazy, irresponsible, escapist, materialistic self. Nope. Nuh-huh.

So what is the solution? I need to get tough with myself. BOUNDARIES. How will I ever gain world domination if I cannot even dominate my own basic urges? My ID, EGO and SUPER EGO need to get their priorities in order. There is a plan percolating in my mind brain. I have done it before, when I buckled down and saved money for a trip to Las Vegas. It was 100% successful.

FIRST: I needed a goal. In this case, it is to get to Paris a year from now. My plan will be to save up to go. And figure out how much it will cost. I think a week of Paris will be ok. Maybe longer. Thoughts?

SECOND: Rules. Tough love. I will have to stay away from ‘triggers’ and I will need to find ‘substitutes’ or outlets. My triggers are boredom, so I go shopping. I know. It’s perverse isn’t it? Instead I can focus on free events and activities. I can refocus on my art, and spend time reading all these books that somehow ended up on my shelves. Only go to the stores for life necessities, like food and water and cookies.

THIRD: I know I can’t go cold turkey. I will allow myself a shopping day with a spending limit ONCE A MONTH. A friend once told me about the 30 day list concept. When I decide I need something I have to put it on the list then wait 30 days and decide if I still need it after that. Need vs Wants.

FOURTH: Basically just rehashing the second point. I will need substitutes and outlets. I will de-hoard my house. Study of mindfulness. Focus on saving. Art. Lots of art. I will also need to define a list of goals. Short term, long term and then SUPREME GOAL (which is of course Paris).

Ok. I am tired of typing. Goodbye. -Toodles

edit: So I wrote the above last night then today what happened? I promptly went to a thrift store! Day one and I have fallen through with my good intentions. So this project is starting RIGHT NOW. I mean. I’m serious this time. But I did score a cute belt and yet another purse today. You see, I needed these things. Yes. Yes I did.

Also, guys, lets see some ugly coffee cups. It’s a contest you know! If I am the only one posting then I will indeed make myself the winner. I will be immortalized forever in this blog contest. I am pretty sure none of you want to hear my gloating for the next year.

‘When you live surrounded by clutter, it is impossible to have clarity about what you are doing in your life’ -Karen Kingston


Here is a random youtube video about really cool musicians


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