The Daily 11/09/16;

I just read the latest survey…….

 According to a recent study, which I think we can all get behind, wine tasting can improve parts of your brain and ward off diseases associated with memory

I know after a glass of wine I can dance better, am a better conversationalist, have a great sense of humor, and I certainly am a Looker!,  and NOW thanks to this news  I can add to that I could be the smartest person in the Room,  ….. the only thing I have to get straight is Red or White!

I love Surveys!! -Gloria

Yesterday I was stopped at a traffic light and this orange-shirted man was crossing the road at the crosswalk while carrying a potted plant. When he was done the one side he immediately started crossing the other side. He almost made it to the middle of the crossing when the light changed and he stepped up on the median. A car honked a bunch at him when they passed by orange-shirted man (naturally) and the man freaked out. He gave the car the finger even though he was totally in the wrong! Then he walked down the median as traffic sped around him. He dodged between oncoming traffic to get to the hotel across the street. I started thinking about the mentality of people who are doing something that is obviously wrong, yet they get indignant when it is pointed out to them. ‘How dare you criticize me!’ Like really? You are endangering yourself, and others, yet you still feel justified to be rude to others? Wowzers. The irony, I noted, as he made for the hotel, is the potted plant he was carrying was a peace lilly. No sir, you do not deserve that plant. Let me take it. -Toodles


One thought on “wine drinking is good for us!

  1. Okay Toodles give this guy some Kudoos!!, through the
    traffic, the horns honking and people no doubt screaming at
    him, he kept this little plant safe and secure, lets give
    credit where credit is due, some day we will see a
    Lilly growing strong and tall on the side of the highway and
    who do we have to Thank, yes you are right the guy that put
    his life in danger to get this little plant safe to the other side! I would have to call him a Brave Loser!


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