The Daily 12/09/16;


So I am still working on the not shopping, but I enjoy it. So I am trying shopping not buying. I am on day 4 of being very very sick and I have no energy except to watch tv, or use the internet. I tried moving furniture and hoarding yesterday. I did some things, but was immediately exhausted. I am a person who cannot just do one thing at a time. So I am watching “The Following” with Kevin Bacon while I go on Etsy for a spell. I cannot buy things but I am going to make a ‘wish list’ so to speak. Just for fun. So anyways here are things I currently like. Maybe one day down the road I will buy something. For now I will just daydream.







Ok, all this non shopping has tired me out. And made me sad I have not won the lottery. -Toodles

Toodles, I can’t believe I justI saw you going into Value Village, empty handed, and then exit with parcels, did you scream
to your driver “Start the Car!!!”   What the HEE HAW is going on,  I know you are struggling with the emotional shopping, you know I can help with that, I have a 6 Pack of Palm Bay here, come over and we can discuss it.
We can sort through what you bought, return what is not necessary, which knowing you will be all of it….
Hurry!! -Gloria

No Gloria, you must have been drinking too much all ready! I haven’t even left the house today! I am on my death bed. What kind of person are you!!! The only think I am drinking is neo-citrine! -Toodles

Hi,, Toodles, I know how hard this shopping dilemma is for you, and really sweetie I don’t make light of it, you are a good friend, lets do this one day at a time

First:  We will contact all Retailers that you frequent, and advise them you cannot enter alone
Second:  You can not be in contact with any other known Shop Aholic”s
Third:  You must go on a Shopaholic registry list
Fourth: You can call me night or day (preferably day) when you get the urge to shop.
We are all here for you Toodles you can defeat this…. I am rooting for you.
One Day at A Time! -Gloria


But….. you don’t even answer the phone when I call. Like… ever! Or wait, is that maybe I don’t call? Did you give me the right number? Am I using the right phone? Is this thing a phone????

ps. don’t mess with my merchants




One thought on “shopping not buying

  1. Toodles I must say I like the outfit with those baggy pants – the positive thing you find so many different items that no one would think of, I think instead of buying them yourself, just post the pictures here where you found things, and the rest of us can pick them up! that should work for everyone, get better Toodles!


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