The Daily 13/09/16;

Admittedly I am a huge postage stamp addict. Maybe one day I will do a post on my collections. Ever since Canada Post has brought out their series Haunted Canada, I have fallen madly and deeply in love. The first set in the series was brought out on Halloween a few years back and so I ran to the post office and bought myself some and even kept the receipt, just because it was on Halloween. Anyhow, if you like stamps, or hauntings, or Canadian history, have a peek at these smexy babies:




2 thoughts on “Haunted Canada

  1. What the Hee Haw Toodles!!! They Halloween Stamps, are you serious? I suppose you are writing random letters to strangers just so you can get these stamps in circulation? I think you need to get better and get back to work, too much Internet time, and we both know that can lead to “no good!” The next thing will be the tassels for your boots… who dreams this stuff up?


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