The Daily 14/09/16;

I just finished watching America’s Got Talent, what a great season, so much talent, great to see Grace be the winner, of course if I was able to vote, it would have been difficult to choose.  Congrats Grace, of course she is probably reading our blog right now… so I have a Shout Out for all of the Contestants, the doors to opportunity have just opened for all of you, make sure you walk through, don’t stop sharing your gift with the world!   And that is for all of us, we all have something special to share, we have a song we need to sing it!
Now I better do a drive by soup drop to Toodles she has been sick, get better Toodles, the Shopping Channel is looking for you!!
-Cheers  Gloria
Click the chicken.
I know. That was rather pointless, wasn’t it?
Maybe that is what I will do Gloria. Thanks for the inspiration. I will put some weight behind my bid of WORLD DOMINATION by getting all the animals on my side. I just have to stop eating them! -Toodles

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