The Daily 15/09/16;


Forever. This is how long I have been waiting for this season to come out. I was told today it would air. So I went to my PVR seeing where I can record it from. I DON’T EVEN HAVE THIS CHANNEL. I am just doomed to suffer in this life. I must have done something really, really bad in a former life to end up with this kind of Karma. Maybe in my next life I will be a snail and Gloria will find me and step on me. She hates snails. If you do not know about this fetish you need to send her a message and ask. It will be well worth your time. I promise. Aside from this, I got a message from a seller on Etsy. They told me to like their facebook page as they have free giveaways. YES I WANT FREE GIVEAWAYS. I WANT ALL THINGS FREE. Except herpes. I offered to feature their store on Cranky Face. However, it seems the email address they used does not accept incoming emails??? I guess I will bide my time and wait for a free giveaway. I suppose if I ever win a free ring from them I will for sure feature the store here. Perhaps I would get Karma points then. Maybe I won’t come back as a snail, maybe I will get to be a cat. With my luck it will be a hairless cat and I will be cold for that entire reincarnation. Thankfully I think I am finally getting healthy again, this horrid sickness that has been plaguing me is going out the metaphorical door. Maybe tomorrow I will get to go back to work where everyone will be talking about American Horror Story and will tell me how great it is and what a shame it is I missed it and then tell me all kinds of spoilers so that when I do get to watch it, it will be ruined forever.

Since Gloria is being lazy and not sending me her Cranky Face posts I get to take her spot and babble on. Maybe our handful of followers will read this and slap their palms on their foreheads in collective anguish that Gloria is ONCE AGAIN not sending me a post. Wait a minute…. if it is just ME posting here then that means….. I will have TOTAL BLOG DOMINATION!!!!! What’s that Gloria? You emailed me your post? Oh… seems I didn’t get it. Better try again. No… it didn’t show up Gloria. Do you even have my email address? You should double check and let me know. Hmmm. It is still not there. I GUESS I WILL JUST KEEP POSTING AND USING ALL CAPS TO SHOW MY TOTAL BLOG DOMINANCE. Hmmm yesssssss….. If any of you kind readers want to get me a congratulatory gift you should go to this Etsy store and buy a ring and mail it to me. That would be fab. Oh yea here is their link, I am certain there will be people out there that would love to send me free rings LINK

In case you were wondering I would like any of these rings in a size 9 or 10





An update on my shopping addiction. Clearly I am still shopping online and I have gone all the way to the check out. Then at the last minute I came to my senses and said PARIS. So I have not bought anything. In the mean time,  I am happily waiting for a few things in the mail. And I got a subscription a while back for a year for Nerd Block. Just got an email today saying it was in the mail. I ended up subscribing to the sci-fi block because I wanted to try to get Doctor Who things to give as presents. I really want the horror block and I think after Christmas I will switch my subscription to this. There have not been a lot of Doctor Who things coming through in these boxes and I have been let down. Luckily my family like many of the other things that have come so I can give them those things too. They will get they anyways because what am I supposed to do with a wookie cup cozy? Seriously.


This picture is a dramatic recreation of my face when I open a sci-fi nerd block box.

Anyhow, I am going back offline to work on my painting of a kitten. And pout that I cannot watch American Horror Story. -Toodles

p.s. after announcing that I am feeling better I suddenly have this vicious coughing fit for the last ten minutes

p.p.s. I guess I have actually featured that Etsy store on this blog after all. Let me bask in the good Karma points. DO you hear me universe???

p.p.p.s. ten points to whoever can tell me what ps stands for


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