So really I am on here procrastinating on writing a resignation letter for a job that I actually like. I do not want to quit it but I have too many jobs at the moment and its not all working out. I had an idea for another post but it seems that the cough syrup I drank to get rid of this horrid cough is hitting me and I cannot remember what I was going to post originally. What I would like to do is offer an interview to someone who would like to be interviewed. If there are no takers I am going to just interview myself. I hope someone accepts this invitation because I think it could be disastrous if I have to interview myself.

Also a reminder to anyone that would be interested we have a contest going on the world’s ugliest coffee cup. Right now I am winning because I am the only person who has submitted anything. Even absent Gloria has not submitted anything. Here is the link so it is easy to find: World’s Ugliest Coffee Cup Contest!

Just so you all know, if I win, it means I will have achieved TOTAL CRANKY FACE CONTEST DOMINATION!! I am not sure how many people want to endure the bragging that will accompany this, so some of you might want to submit some pics *ahem*ahem*Gloria*cough*cough*

-loves and kisses, Toodles


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