The Daily 19/09/16
Good Morning all, I just had the most interesting walk, and it made me realize people need advice sometimes!  So here I am Gloria Knows!
As I was sitting enjoying the sunshine on the beach, a man was jogging no shirt and stopped to talk about the great day, I noticed all the time we were talking he must have wondered what to do with his hands, so he stated playing with his nipples, OMG I secretly laughed, this guy must have been 50 years old, has no one every told guys, if they are nervous talking to women, the last thing we want to see is you touching or scratching your self…. run your hands through your hair, tie your shoelace, cover your ears, there are lot of places guys to put your hands, carry a water bottle, even clap,  I am sure he had no idea, so I am going to be here daily talk to me,..
I am officially putting up my Sign .  Gloria Knows!  … I have all this knowledge and it gets lonesome roaming around in my head, and yes Toodles, I have some advice for you too today……Don’t drive against the traffic, go with the flow!
Until tomorrow… -Gloria
Dear Gloria, I am trying to stop shopping but I can’t help myself. Every time I innocently go online I always end up n clothing websites. I think to myself well it can’t hurt to look! Well it does. Last night I bought the cutest boots! And two days ago I walked home from work, the next thing I knew I was in the thrift-store with an armful of clothes to try on! Help me! -Toodles
Hey Toodles, I know you are struggling with this shopping “addiction”  it is like any other addiction, you need to address the emotional reason you are shopping, I am sure you know all of this lingo by now, but I will say the next time you are tempted to shop, due the usual leave credit cards, and cash at home, try to put it on lay away for a few days, until you are strong enough to say NO! Make shopping as unpleasant as possible, carry rocks and stones in your purse,  if it is warm put on a winter jacket, if it is cold, wear shorts and a tank top, try roller blading instead of driving,  miss your morning coffee, put gravel in your shoes, if you take your cards, change the passwords on them the day you feel the urge,  Anything you can do to make shopping difficult and an unpleasant experience, and if that doesn’t work use the emergency plan drink 2 palms bays  put on something sexy, and say Honey I’m Home!!!
Always here for you!!
Great idea Gloria! I better go online and buy something sexy! I know just the website! OK gotta go, thanks for the advice 😀 -Toodles

One thought on “Gloria Knows!

  1. Well Toodles, I was trying to distract from shopping, but seeing as your have resorted to Plan B, if memory serves me correct….. this will be money well spent!!!
    Enjoy the evening.

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