The Daily 21/09/16;



Gloria Knows …. Breakfast the Most Important Meal of the Day, and mine is the Breakfast of a Champion, yes that’s right Cranky Gloria likes her Coffee in a Big Cup!

Red is back! Blacklist new season September 22! Welcome back Red I have been waiting a long time for this night… I know you won’t disappoint!


It has not escaped my attention that when I come online to post The Daily for our site, I often also end up on Pinterest. This ends up in potential shopping. Tsk Tsk. Cranky Face is my new enabler! By default this must mean Gloria is my enabler. So really it isn’t my fault I am a shopping addict, it is all Gloria’s fault, right??


It has taken me about 20 years but I have finally started to watch Twin Peaks. It is pretty good. I heard they might start the series again or something. I would look it up but I am busy on Pinterest. -Toodles


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