The Daily 22/09/16;




Ok Gloria, I have not watched The Blacklist yet, it is PVR and I am about to watch it. I am going to copy paste your entry without reading or editing it, crossing my fingers you were not drinking too heavily today! -Toodles


Well I must say the new Season of Blacklist was worth the wait!  That Spader one heck of an actor!   You did it again Red, the writers are on FIRE!!
Can’t wait till next week.
A Shout Out for my favorite show …Blacklist!
HEEHAW!! -Gloria
Ok, ok, ok, I couldn’t help it, I read your review. Not even a spoiler… we need to talk girl! -Toodles
p.s. Stay tuned, dear readers, here comes a great story about love and loss and FEDEX. Tomorrow my pretties.

One thought on “The Blacklist, worth the wait! and… OMG DONT RUIN IT FOR ME GLORIA!

  1. I am sorry you missed the Blacklist last night Toodles, and have to wait one more day, I must say the team being a little ticked and rightfully so at Liz for faking her death, I know I was, and Mr Kaplan, oh my, after all of this time Kaplan did not know ..don’t cross Red – I knew that from day #1. I guess I can’t say much else, or it will be a “spoiler!”
    And Toodles you mentioned Fed Ex, comes right in line with tomorrow’s much needed topic Re-Gifting!! PS It is from Kawaskai right?
    Gloria Knows

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