I know we have all get stuff for the holidays, birthdays or just because days, stuff that  we go what the ^&% and what do most of us do with it…yep throw it out, but not me, what is wrong with re gifting?  I see nothing wrong at all, we get a blue sweater that is too big, well tuck it away, someone somewhere is having a special day, give things as a gag, but for heaven’s sake if someone goes out of their way and buys you a present, PLEASE do not say I really don’t like it, YES it is okay to say I love this, can I exchange it for a size bigger (or smaller) but never burst out laughing, or say something rude, just say thanks, put it in a drawer and re gift at the office party, no one is the wiser, who gave you the gift is happy,  and you have a little something tucked away for a special day.
I am 100% in favor of re gifting, and I have always said and meant it  THANK YOU! for a gift, why would I hurt someone’s feelings, never!
So holidays coming up, just remember Gloria’s advise and don’t re gift to the person that gave it to you first, that would not be cool.  Be Wise!!  Toodles there is something I have in mind for your b’day!!!
Let me know some crazy things you have re – gifted I think I have a picture.
Gloria Knows!!
Just got back from Holidays, Gloria! I left town and ended up shopping! I was in the vicinity of not one not two but three! Value Villages! I snagged myself about 3 purses at this one location. As we were leaving a man approached and asked me if I had any change. There I was standing holding my three new bags plus my original purse, and nope! NO change here! I`ll let you in on a secret though, I had three dollars in change! But, that is for Paris! -Toodles

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