The Daily 27/09/16;

Where or where has my little Gloria gone? Where or where can she beeeeee?

Gloria has vanished, I have not received a post from her for today!!! I am alarmed!!! However, this means I get to monopolize you, dear readers. And I am to tell you all that I am quitting shopping! This time I really, really mean it. Today I went to Walmart and as I was perusing the shelves all these items saying “Paris” and throw cushions of the Eiffel tower were everywhere! It is a sign from the universe that I need to get my shit together. No, this did not stop me from buying a very wonderful sugar skull throw pillow that I ABSOLUTELY HAD TO HAVE. Truth be told I bought that sucker before I got to Walmart and had all these “signs” in my face. But now that I have my pillow, and all these new purses, I have everything a girl could need.

Hmmmm, what else could you need to know about this long fabulous day? Well I considered this lifestyle change from consumer to creator. However we all came to be on this lovely ball of earth, it was not to be consumers. It was to be creators. At least I was anyways. Maybe you are meant to be consumers of my creation. This would really help with my quest for world domination. I really need to focus on this plan and get things going. The more I create the happier I will be, right? I already know the more I consume, the less happy I am. That is why I think it makes so much sense that I become a tattoo artist. I would literally be creating for a living and it would be AMAZING. I drew a really fabulous awesome amazing Russian nesting doll image I want to have placed on my calf in January. I cannot wait!!

-Toodles (days not shopping: 0)


2 thoughts on “Gloria has gone missing and no more shopping, I really mean it!

  1. Here I AM!! Toodles I am so happy you REALLY mean it this time more shopping! I am proud of you, not many people could say that, and REALLY mean IT
    Gloria … till tomorrow

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