The Daily 28/09/16;


Well well welly well well. Gloria, you must KNOW I have been looking for you? Comment all you want but what I want is the MEAT! I want to see your all knowing blog posts! I miss them! I have no direction in my life without you! Didn’t I make that clear when you left the country and did not take me with you?? I really think you are just being selfish. Maybe you enjoy making me suffer?

Anywho, the longer Gloria is gone, the more power I come to possess. Yep. It is true. I am running the show, the cat is away and the mice shall play!

You might think this means I went back to my dastardly shopping ways. You will be pleased to know this just isn’t true. And it has nothing to do with me sleeping the whole afternoon away. I woke up, drank a lot of fruit juice, and did some dehoarding/cleaning of the domicile. Not a lot because my energy level is at -1 but I did what I could. I guess I have to tackle this heaping nightmare pile of laundry too. No rest for the wicked. Here is an inspiring link on minimalism just for the heehaw (Gloria lingo) heck of it.

-Toodles (1 day not shopping)


“Wanting less is a better blessing than having more.” —Mary Ellen Edmunds




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