The Daily 29/09/16;

Today I had 2 great life experiences
 #1 I decided to check out online shopping, now I get why Toodles does it, so easy, and so many choices, only thing is to watch the exchange rate, and shipping, but there are some great companies, and so many products that you can’t find in store shopping, I hate to admit it, but Toodles, thanks!!  I have officially started Christmas shopping, and yes you are right I do not accept returns, RE – GIFT!!, and speaking of re gifting I made a friend very happy, she liked a certain kind of mint and could not find it anywhere, when she showed the package, I said OMG I got that for a birthday present and never opened it, so the next day she got a surprise gift on her desk,  I made another consumer very happy… by the way You’re Welcome!!!
Now that I have these fingers warmed up, I think I will head into the sock isle, yes the kids still get socks for Christmas!
Gloria, you crazy beast! It is waayyy to early to talk about Christmas! Shop all you want, but keep that Christmas stuff to yourself! We have not even fully started Halloween yet, and we all know Halloween is truly the most important celebration of all. Come on now, what is cuter? Christmas cat? Halloween cat? Cheeseburger cat? Vote in the comments. Remember, every vote for Halloween cat is a vote for me (and one step closer to my WORLD DOMINATION)


So Gloria, who is it you are giving candy to? It certainly is not me. You have been very very selfish. You know how much I like candy. And who sits on candy and doesn’t eat it? Whats wrong with you woman?

So still running on little energy, and I do not know why. I am going to start taking these iron pills daily. I imagine that would be the best way to make them work. I think that is how it happens. You take them then they work. Hrumph. Seems simplistic to me. Maybe if I stare at them a while I will absorb their magical properties. What if I place them on my eyelids as I sleep. Gloria? Don’t you know this???

I sorted through another box of ‘stuff’ in my basement. Most of the box is off to the thrift store. If it were not for my assistance thrift stores would have to shut their door. If I am not shopping I am donating. See? What a wasteful cycle. I will just start keeping my money. Save it for Paris. I would sell my donations myself but I always end up with crazy people contacting me and never showing up. Wastes so much time. Plus, I prefer the purge to be as fast as possible. Out with the old!

Gloria was talking to me today about bucket lists. I have not watched the movie, but I understand the general concept. How many items are you supposed to put on your list? I figure its probably random. So here is my bucket list (thanks Homer), I think it will likely need revisions, but that could be part of the fun. -Toodles (day 2 not shopping)



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