The Daily 02/10/16;
I can’t believe it I did my first online purchase, put the credit card down and ordered some re – gifting gifts, thanks to Toodles, I am so afraid that her online shopping is contagious and now I may be infected.  I think that FedEx will pull up next week with the cure, and that will be the end of it.

Toodles, you need to be careful… and I think an inoculation may be required.

Cheers  Gloria

PS  Coming Soon… I am doing a personal survey on online dating, do you have any idea of how many dating sites there are?… stay tuned I cracked myself up with some of the requirements.

Well I did indeed fall off the wagon today. A friend told me there were some fun Halloween things at Peir 1. I stopped in with full intentions of ‘just looking’. But there were the cutest sugar skull things… I could not resist. Here is the good news. I went home after and figured I already was bad, might as well take a lookey-poo online and see what stuff I can find. What I found is I got bored! Maybe I am cured!?!



One thought on “Gloria vs The Online World of Shopping!

  1. Dating sites? NoteBook would be insanely jealous and smack me in the head with himself. Spending money through the computer? Well at least you can’t catch anything that way or get mugged on the way back to the car.

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