Well today is the start of Gloria doing a little survey for online dating, and who knows, maybe Gloria might meet a special “friend”

First I started locally in the community to see if there was a meet and greet, or a singles function, VOILA!  next week there is a speed dating at one of the local coffee shops, this sounds awesome and from the TV shows I have seen can be quite hilarious, so Gloria phoned to register, OMG all of these questions to answer just to find out where the function is, what happened to our world of SURPRISE!  here I am!

After answering all of the questions, the Co-ordinator said that Gloria was a little too mature for this function, and was I aware how quickly people moved from table to table, I might fall and crack a Hip!  Now granted I am Mature, and a little of a clutz, but I was thinking surely I could move from one table to another without creating havoc, oh well, that is okay cause there are at least 10 virtual sites that I can sign up for 30 days FREE.while adding my credit card for back up…

These social events do sound so fun, I think a good way to meet friends to have a coffee or a gab session with, but alas  I guess this Cougar has to realize that maybe I have to look under the coming events for seniors (not to be confused with Senor!)

Okay off to eharmony.com and match.com  I am sure they are waiting for me,
Gloria…..taa daa
Online daters beware! Gloria the cougar is on the prowl!! Well Gloria, while you have been off hunting, I have been making up for falling off the wagon with my shopping tenancies. Today I was a good creator and I made some items I will post photos later. I have many more ideas that I would like to try out. Pinterest is my good dear true friend. Hmm. Maybe there are some ideas on how to achieve WORLD DOMINATION on there. Ok folks, I am off to take a boo. See ya all on the flipside! -Toodles (1 day not shopping)

6 thoughts on “Gloria the Cougar part 2 and Toodle’s new creative lifestyle

  1. Gloria would you like me to tell you what I said to the last kind soul who invited this nice lady to a senior aerobics class? Senior? Aerobics? Where they jump up and down and flap their extremities into the innocent air? I asked her or should have had I thought of it as I was too highly insulted if she would like to join me at 4 AM when I do my weights? We were however on our way to church so against all instincts and my husky male ego I was forced to be nicer than I was to the sweet lady who tried to kill me with her car.

    Dating? Cougars are we however NoteBook has enough rings for both himself and I. In fact we are off to our coffee shop rendezvous this morning just before we hit Toodles’ thrift stores. I know I promised no more shirts but if I take three in I can buy three out see. Besides I need to check out that dangerous rickety rack that they finally fixed a bit after I reported them to the Big boss.

    Imagine a clumsy sweet lady such as I with no balance to begin with deciding to lean her shop weary self against said rack. Imagine the mighty crash.

    I wonder if I can do it on purpose to make my point….

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      1. Hmm. Do you know what I did today on my big shopping trip? I went to two stores twice and the third, once. I bought nothing. What a fail.


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