The Daily 04/10/16;
Okay Gloria has registered for a very reputable dating site, however I have spent 30 minutes registering, I can’t believe the questions that I have to answer but I am patient and trying to be as witty and intelligient as I can doing a bio of myself.

One more click and I am Live online……waiting, waiting, waiting, oh my an email, okay now this is where I fall off my chair laughing, here is the gist of our conversation on live chat

He:  Hi, saw your bio on your profie looks quite interesting want to chat

Me:  Sure, my name is Gloria

He:  Yes I know from your registration

Me:  Oh, yes of course, well I am single, mature, looking for a friend mostly,

He:   Yes I know from your registration

Me:   (okay I am think where is this going) of course he knows, he knows my height my weight, my eye and hair coloring, my employment, my marital status, if I rent or own…  I think this conversation is going nowhere)
Me:  Well I guess my registration does tell you everything about me, I read your bio, you sound like a very busy person, and you enjoy sailing, I love to sail
He:  Yes I know
Me:  So this is hard for me to try and converse via text, you live fairly close, why don’t we just grab a coffee, and go for a walk and see if there is a connection
He:  No thanks you are not what I am looking for, I am looking for someone that does not talk so much…..
End of conversation!!
What the Hee Haw!!!
I guess I am still old school, I like Surprises when you meet someone, and say I didn’t know that about you!
Ooops got to go my live chat went off again,..
Till tomorrow Gloria,  and Keep Voting  YES to Man Hair Buns!!.
Gloria! Have you been hitting the palm bays too early today?? We are not voting on man buns, we are voting on the worlds ugliest coffee mugs!!! Pay attention man! In case you forgot here is the LINK
So here are the photos of my creations yesterday:
I got the idea for the tassels off Pinterest, and then the bracelets are something I have made for years, but none recently. So much fun! I have also been looking up bohemian ideas of things to make. So here are some fun ones!

And so stay tuned for tomorrow’s post on bohemian decor! -Toodles

Until then, here is a picture of my cats!



11 thoughts on “You Talk Too Much and Bohemian Dreams

  1. That dating site has to be the CIA or the FBI? Maybe Revenue Canada? They ask more nosy questions than my neighbours! If you’re not careful you’ll end up with one of those gold things on your finger.

    Then I will have the arena to myself while I argue at recess with Toodles over who rules the world.

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  2. By the way I meant the gnats tasted better than the manager but there were comments between so this writer’s comment was way off. A gnat remains but I am tired of biting things. I suppose the manager remains too. Oh well, back on the broom.

    Liked by 2 people

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