The Daily 07/10/16;
so my conclusion as you can see online dating is a very lucrative business,
and they say you cant put a price on love, how about $39.95 per month!  My only regret, I did not think of this.
Ok, ok, ok, so it isn’t my fault I went shopping today at the dollar store! I NEEDED craft supplies! It is not my fault, it is rather the fault of a faulty system where I try to fill the big gaping hole that is my life with some semblance of meaning. *Sigh* Alright. So I am going to stay on track this time. I promise. Here, look what I have made from giant brass plates, paint and uber thick yarn:
This weekend I will throw myself into a frenzy of crafting and dehoarding. You would think I should have disposed of half my house already but honestly I seem to organize more than I purge. Tomorrow I will make some headway and dump this clutter! -Toodles (0 days not shopping. Progress to Paris 0)
Below are some pretty things. Bohemian textiles.

13 thoughts on “Dating Conclusion and Toodles’ sorry state of affairs.

  1. Toodles, Toodles you have a large and inspiring life for which you are acknowledged in this writer’s own little book. Not to worry for Paris will still be there waiting for you and you need things so that when you return from shopping you will have even more stuff to purge. This writer has that trick perfected. Besides you should be leaving the thrift stores for me. I mean for NoteBook. We make our rounds once a week while I natter at him to save money to fill those stockings. Little books, he says and tells me I should be at home writing those. I threaten to close his cover but he only rattles his rings. Lots of those so he can divorce me one at a time, see. Who else will argue with you, I ask him and he cackles.

    Gloria we have to pay for love now you say? Oh my. What happens when you have to miss a payment, say for example when you go shopping with Toodles? Does that free you to pursue another site or is that considered poly-sitey? Sounds nasty.

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