The Daily 09/10/16;


Very interesting about the online dating. Gloria, what dating site did you try?? -Toodles


These ones!

Okay Toodles, I want to know…I just read where women should shave their legs in the evening for better results, so tell me, men don’t shave for 3 or 4 days and the stubble on their face sometimes looks very attractive, however, a woman doesn’t shave her legs for 4 days, and you never hear a man say, Wow that stubble looks good on you!

I don’t get it Toodles!  it is just geography, face…..legs…

Now you know where I am heading Toodles, yep it is dark outside time to shave these gams!

Till next time



Gloria, surprisingly, I do not have an answer for you. But I do have a video!

That was entertaining wasn’t it?

So I thought I would try something new today. I went to the store and bought a new kind of noodles. The package said “instant pancit” which sounded like a dream come true. Well let me tell you it was not so good after all. When I opened the package to cook them I had very high hopes. The brand was called “Lucky Me” and yes! that is how I was feeling! But when I opened it I saw regular instant noodles. Hmm. Where are the rice vermicelli noodles that are normally in pancit? My doubts begain here. Then I read lemon and seafood flavour. Hmm. My eyes narrowed and I looked at this meal sideways. Nope. When I tasted it, it tasted NOTHING like pancit. Damnit Lucky Me you LIED! Good thing I bought my old standby in noodles. It made me happy, good old MAMA chicken yum yum!

I have given up on not shopping until Halloween is over. I have sabotaged myself trying to do this during my favorite time of year! So we will see what happens. I went out today and found the most amazing pillows ever! I had hoped to find a skull shaped pillow but it did not happen WAAAAAAA. Ok. I’m over it. Anyways I took a photo to show what I found! -Toodles




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