The Daily 10/10/16;

I was thinking today, and tomorrow is Anniversary Celebrations for kids, they got to leave the Cuckoo Nest as I called it … and guess what, now they have their own!!,

 I wonder when they do the wedding vows, why do they make it so Negative… Till Death Do You Part!!  … why not be positive ….like This is a Life Sentence….see Life more positive then Death!!

Change is Good!!
Cheers from the Empty Cuckoo Nest!!
Interesting take Gloria, food for thought!
Spent today fixing up a pair of curtains in my living-room. They are sun bleached dark brown curtains and I have been wanting to do something with them for some time. Once I used acrylic paint and gel to makeover a shower curtain. I have used the same process on a chair believe it or not. Both lasted years and years. It was the gel that made all the difference, kept the paint flexible and it never peeled. Despite moisture on the curtain, and heavy use on the chair. I have decided my house needs to be skulls and sugar skulls everywhere. So, I took these curtains and used acrylic paint and filled them with sugar skulls. It took forever, and I did not have the gel to use this time. But I think it will be just fine since it is on plain old curtains. Here is the process, and end result. It was tedious near the end, but so worth it!
I am sitting here reflecting on my job well done and it occurs to me how much energy and effort I put into these two curtain panels. All the reaching and bending to work around wet paint and to go back to areas and add colour, my muscles are trembling a wee bit from all that work and I am pleasantly satisfied with my work. It will still take a day or two to get used to these busy curtains compared to the former plain brown look. But the whole thing was intimidating to start but now that it is done it was an easier process than I expected. I look forward to waking up to these tomorrow morning in a groggy half daze and hopefully being surprised by forgetting they have been changed. I have already been looking around my house for other things to paint. Tomorrow I will post the peg hanger I decorated simply and the picture frame that I will be making a sugar skull insert tomorrow. Until then, -Toodles.

3 thoughts on “Empty Nest with DIY Sugar Skull Curtains

  1. Toodles! Muscles are always so happy to be exercised! You need to come join me at predawn whilst I throw my weights around and join me in my racewalks and then your muscles will never complain again. By the way your paint and gel mixology combined with your artistic expertise should be brought to the attention of the other masters. The ones who can lead you to fame and glory. Hmm. My wheels turn. In fact my broom almost missed the next turn, just wait, gotta straighten this out…. But yes, many things come to mind here.

    Gloria if marriage is a life sentence and people get divorced and remarried is that what they mean by previous lives?


    1. HAHA Linda I am not sure, I would say it is a Parole! I love the curtains Toodles did, very interesting, I can see that being a conversation piece in the house, Yep, someone coming in the door saying Toodles I like your SKULL
      Till next time Gloria

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      1. Oh Gloria don’t tell Toodles on me but I ransacked her secondhand stores today and bought five items. Then I was made to feel like an idiot because we tried my card three times and it came back error connection. The whole store thought I was pulling something for sure. So I left my stuff including the items from the other store there and NoteBook too and ran for the bank. On the way I stopped for ear drops and my card spewed out $35 with no problem. Then I went to the bank.

        There is nothing wrong with my card. So I went back to the store armed for bear. They already knew. Then I saw a lineup. I don’t do lineups. I have no patience and if I had it would be spent along with the money. I let it be known. And said I should get a discount. But then my turn came and I handed her a ten and told her to give me two dollars back in case she didn’t understand the concept of ten minus eight. Then I smiled and told them I am happy now.

        Then I went and committed a great sin. I bought two cinnamon buns with cream cheese icing and actually ate one.

        Hmm. Marriage = Parole, Gloria? Interesting concept but then I don’t know, I quit doing that type of parole long ago!

        Ta dah!

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