The Daily 11/10/16;

Blacklist rumors that Tom is going to be leaving for his spin off show, I certainly hope not, I am starting to like him.  To be honest I liked Blacklist in the beginning when they were chasing bad guys, now the show seems to be about Liz and find her daughter, along the way I am sure we will see Red still do what he does best.  Spader is one heck of an actor in this role.

Blacklist is still my number 1 show, but I would like to see them move back to how the show started.

So Red see you Thursday as usual, my weekend starts Thursday Evening!!



No Tom? Yuck. I was starting to like him too. I don’t care about Liz’s baby. This show has no business bringing kids into it. Besides, babies on TV bore me to death. Agnes (why did they pick this name??) needs to go.

I have been so sore today from painting those curtains! I cannot even believe how sore I am. It is unreal. What did I decide to do today? Stain my fence and deck. I doubt I am going to be able to get out of bed tomorrow. I do not even have energy to do this blog today haha. I will have to catch up tomorrow. Lets hope my legs can function then!! I am going to look like the tin man. -Toodles


3 thoughts on “Blacklist and Boring Babies

  1. Ice packs for sore strained muscles, Toodles. Gently and firmly smooth those muscles from bottom end of muscle to its top end, start over. Only ten minutes. A few times a day. Wasn’t too long ago I did same, right after I flew off the desk chair. My broom got stuck coming in the wall hole.

    Gloria, I don’t watch TV so I can’t comment on your show. Is TV as ridiculous as it was 25 years ago when I gave up on it? Or is there something intelligent now?


  2. Those balls are your hamstring muscles. Yay! Woo hoo already! they want to be used but not all at once after no exercising for awhile.


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