OMG  I stopped for a grab and go coffee, now this guy has a great man bun, so where are all the Man Bun shops?  Isn’t that a great biz opportunity for someone, these just don’t happen by themselves, some guys have to be taught how to get them just right!!

In fact someone just gave me sample for some premium hair quality, I will let you know my thoughts, in a few days
Stay Tuned as always here for Ya
Gloria – over and Out!!
I don’t really have much useful to say today other than boy oh boy did I have  great nap today! Here are some funny pictures 😀 -Toodles

2 thoughts on “Hair, Coffee and Funny Pictures

  1. Toodles where do you find time to find these pictures, between online shopping and thrift store shopping, that cell must be burning in your hands!
    Thanks for my laugh of the day,

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