The Daily 16/10/16;
So today’s story has a little serious matter, Family’s!  Family’s are complicated with several different personalities,  put all that in one room, often fireworks, arguments, disagreements, and fights can escalate,  hurt feelings and anger can go on with some members of the family not speaking for years, how sad, families are entitled to fight and disagree every relationship has that, but when the disagreement is over, lay things down, the bible verse that says don’t go to bed angry was made for a reason, the longer  anger sits the more it escalates, and often what we are angry at has escalated into something not even real.

These are the most powerful words in the world.

I was wrong!

I’m sorry!

I forgive you!

and Most of all I love you!

I say this coming off a personal situation this week, I watch the lies become truth, and the truth become lies, but I know once the smoke clears, everyone will re group, hopefully!

On a personal story, my father shared… he never spoke to his brother from the age of 21 till his brother died at 90, the reason being, the brother came to the family farm, and did not bring a bag of potatoes as promised, OMG how sad,all of those good times missed, over potatoes!
Tell Someone You Love them Today!!
See you tomorrow
Very true Gloria, it is sad. It reminds me of something I just read the other day. That when Maslow defined the hierarchy of needs he forgot one. The need to be right. Here is a link to the article I read about this: LINK Perhaps it will help shed light on the family argument over potatoes. My own family has a similar situation between two brothers and a shopping trip. It seems to be the most impossible impasse but what can any of us do to help? Hurt feelings, pride and ego all seem to trip us up now and then. For some people these feelings and emotions are stronger than the worth of what is at risk. Huffington Post had an interesting article about how to repair these situations: LINKY-LINK For these things to work however it requires the swallowing of one`s pride, and sometimes people are unwilling to do it.
Just for fun I tried to find and image of Maslow`s hierarchy of needs with the added `need to be right`but I could not find it. Here is what I found instead:
I just want to point out here Gloria that CATS made the list!

5 thoughts on “Family Feuds and The Need to be Right

  1. Hahaha Gloria you haven’t seen my culture’s family feuds. There is always one person mad at his brother for instance, and then his whole family is not allowed to talk to the brother’s family. Mine didn’t do that one but I know someone who did. Same culture. Our mode de guerre is to first make fierce faces that shatter windows on the other side of town, raise shoulders and hair, goggle the eyes, and open the mouths. Noise comes out and mountains fall. These are loyal Bible followers by the way. They (not we, I worked on me til I got over that system) walk always in a cloud of steam and fire. Even when they aren’t mad at anyone for five minutes.

    You know Toodles Maslow was gonna put the need for order and beauty and then took it off. He shoulda left it there. But then coulda, shoulda, and woulda aren’t is.

    Yes I noted that use of cats. We won’t hurt anyone’s feelings with my comments so I will shut up on this one. Just for that I will post pictures of me with my horns and that steam and fire coming out of ears and eyes.

    Which reminds me I have a day of art coming up as soon as I have my chicken, rice, cranberry, and red pepper tortilla….

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