The Daily 16/10/16;

Toodles, 3 days no shopping?  All I can say is What the Hee Haw are you doing then with all of this spare time, you could be doing your drawings?  Toodles is a very talented young lady, in case no one knew (yep that was a plug for you Toodles!)
 I will send you a little something, Mr Apple Face, I only send him to special people,  hmmm I wonder if I have sent him to anyone yet?  I can’t remember!

Oh and the shampoo I spoke about I really like it, I checked out their website, yes a little pricey, and claims to thicken and promote hair growth,  I did notice a change, and  I am happy with the product, as I said pricey, so I am thinking,

Pricey Shampoo, makes my hair grow, more hair cuts, another cost.  Okay Toodles is it always this expensive to be beautiful, just asking the Expert!!

see my before and after pictures


Cheers All -Gloria


Gloria! Why, your hair looks amazing! But.. aren’t you cold? Do you need a sweater? Holy moly Gloria, that hair has changed everything about you! Even your face on the before and after pictures, looks nothing like you! That is some magic shampoo, I’ve got to get some! Except my cats may not recognize me then. Or are these some of your online dating pictures where you send them out and then when you meet someone they sit down and say hmmm you do not look like your pictures? I think you are much nicer looking that these ladies, er ‘lady’, so I hope you turn back to yourself again when you wash the shampoo out? I mean, they are nice and all but just not Gloria material. You have to be reaaalllyy special to get that title. It sounds like glorious for a reason, right? Oh and thank you for Mr. Apple Face. I think he belongs on some shirts. That would be fun. We would need a caption, what should it say? Hahahaha I just thought of something, “Hmm… you look nothing like your profile pictures” hahahaha. That of course is not related to our current conversation, but it is inspired by it lol. You are definitely nothing like Mr. Apple Face. He is a one of a kind beauty. The back of our shirts could say CRANKYFACE in big letters. Hahahahaha I am so funny, I crack myself up sometimes!

Ok, so I made some stuff today. Here are some photos. The framed picture is in its drying phase and has not had the glass put in yet. But I think for the most part it is done. I fixed up the thrift store frame, paint etc, sealed it last week. Been eager to finish this project off but was not sure what to add inside. I used an old bed sheet (new to me from the thrift store last week!) as the background. I added felt for the skull, and then gold paint for the face and vertebrae. The white mouth is cutout felt as well. In my defense however, I will just say the frame was purchased about a year ago waiting for a project 😀 I guess all the other supplies were new last week. –Toodles (2 days not shopping, 2 days closer to Paris)


p.s. Gloria, my next projects are sugar skull maper mache heads made with balloons as a base. I am swiftly running out of newspaper Gloria. If you find some can you grab them for me? Since I cannot go shopping I will never leave my house besides work and parties so I need you to be my lookout and supplier. It is an important task, do you think you are up for it? What is that saying? With greatness comes responsibility or something like that. Ok ok ok I have laundry to fold. I have mucked around enough. Until tomorrow!


One thought on “Miracle Shampoo and Mr. Appleface

  1. Gloria! That Apple Face is the spitting image of my twin. I just realized what I said but it is about 12 hours too early for Malbec.

    And as for that shampoo that grows hair perchance to try it out on Toodles’ cat before you rub it into your own and then you will look better than I which is not nice.

    Toodles the stores are shaken by your abstinence or should I say absence. Sales are down and the rich merchants will surely have to work now to recoup their losses. You see I can’t help because I too am on a strict store diet.

    However when I go for groceries I will ask for leftover store flyers for you. I do that once in awhile and they are always happy to oblige.

    Those artsy items are beautiful, Toodles. Wait til you see my silly offerings.

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