The Daily 18/10/16;

Okay Okay Okay,,,, can you believe what I found on my desk today now I think this is a little insensitive even for Gloria, but Toodles if you did this, remember “I KNOW WHERE YOU LIVE!”
LOL  I am having a good laugh, whoever it was.

Watch for my review on the shampoo and conditioner, I am giving it a week trial

For now this is Gloria

saying what the HEE HAW!!



Why Gloria, that is so.. weird.. No it wasn’t me but I wish I had thought of it!! Comedic genius! Besides you do NOT know where I live 😀 My army of cats keeps you far far away 😦

So today I went onto Google images, typed in paper mache in the search menu and found some interesting paper mache projects people have worked on. Good for inspiration. Anyhow here is some talent!

Very inspiring. I think I would really like to try the elephant. Looks pretty challenging. But I can see a sugar skull elephant with a red base. Lots of ideas! I have started some projects of my own, involving balloons and paper mache! I will start posing pics about the process tomorrow.

And I have a confession. I went shopping yesterday. It is a compulsion. But I learned something too. Which is the moral of the story, right? Going shopping takes time away from creation. So if I just keep making things, I will keep myself from shopping! I have to prioritize. That is a challenge all on its own. If you know me, you know my prioritizing skills are really humble jumble. And the universe is guilting me, everytime I go shopping I keep seeing the Eiffel Tower. At the thrift stores they are there EVERY TIME. How often do you normally see the Eiffel Tower? I never see it. Yesterday there was a big jewelry holder, pink with vines on it. WTF is this thing??? So now I am feeling guilty when I shop, EVERY TIME. This is supreme BS right here.

Here is another blog that is doing a fabulous series on poo, go read it! LINK A RINK BINK

This has inspired a little poem so here it is in all its wondrous glory!

I don’t know about you
But I enjoy stories of poo
Sometimes when I get the flu
My poo! My poo!
Tends to turn blue!
Other times when I am overdue
I wait three days then race to the loo!
In a public bathroom
You poo as a crew
So do cows, and then they moo!
Here it is, at great long last
A poem about poo, just for you
Who knew?

Oh my goodness! I am such a rare talent! Thank you, thank you thank you very much (cues the applause) goodnight! -Toodles


11 thoughts on “Razor Sharp Wit and Paper Pulp

  1. First of all you two don’t push each other off that paper mache Eiffel Tower. I was so busy laughing I almost forgot to check my coffee maker which just stopped making those lovely gurgle sounds like my poltergeist when it strangles on its own ectoplasm. He says he put those pretty pink (who uses pink?) things on the desk. Well he didn’t really say it. He sort of knocked four and a half times on the east wall. He does lots of things in half time.

    Speaking of pink, Toodles that inside of the jacket is not purple it is raspberry. That means magenta and blue like that ugly horrid raspberry vase I used to model the colours in those drawings. Did I tell you I used charcoal and filled in with watercolour pencils? I love to make a mess. When this writer was little she was always in trouble for making a mess. Mess is fun. Those grownups just didn’t know. They always coloured in other people’s lines like the ladies of the day were supposed to.


    I was drawn to that elephant too but that picture of the cat head, is that the rest of its body to the left of it?


    Gloria tell Toodles cause she listens to you, that it is okay to go shopping in secondhand stores if you put a limit. Ten dollars a week to be spent in daily increments. Besides tell her that while shopping is good therapy it is this writer’s therapy. Sadly I ran out of monetary medicine.

    Until next time….

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  2. Okay Toodles you know Linda and I are all over you… $10.00? now for the normal person, that would be a turn off, but I know Toodles that is a challenge, and I can tell you I have seen her fill her vehicle for far less than that, what I am thinking Toodles is you spending more time with me and Linda, it will be so much fun you will never want to shop again!
    I google for shows, theatre, restaurants, jobs, recipes, and you google for poo poems and cat missing body paper mache, now who is the normal one!!
    Taa Daa… till tomorrow, and my 7 days of Wierd shows up!

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  3. Eek I just killed my entire comment by clicking a wrong key. Or something. Sigh. Here we go again just like trying to talk intelligence into the apartment manager. Not. Anyway I am all for more time spent together! We could go shopping! I could police everything since I superior at giving orders! As for normal, we creatives have no time for that inconsequence. We are the ones who hang upside down on the ballet barre and create lines for others to colour into. Ahh what would the world do without us?

    I heard that.

    Had it not been for Toodles’ telling me to get the lead I mean pencils out I would not have picked up my art again. I would likely be under the desk in vegetative state what with my muse having flown out the window with that stupid poltergeist. You wait til I see you, Polty. I mean unsee you. I will gobble you up with my broom, Polty, and flush you down the manager’s poo potty.

    Keep your eye on the girl, Gloria. Don’t let her get better’n me. I mean I.


  4. While the cat is away the mice will play, heh, heh. Eh? I am with FIJAY, I do not even know how to respond to all this. I thought we established a hierarchy Gloria and WriterLinda. What is all this talk over “policing” my behavior, and “keep an eye on her”??? WORLD DOMINATION was not built under supervision!! Toodles is not meant to be babysat! I must be free, like Polty! You know FIJAY, I really should go shopping for a shiny blue purse, shouldn’t I?
    These comments almost made me choke on my own ectoplasam!

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    1. I keep deleting posts. This stupid keyboard is out to — Polty. I told you to go and self destruct.

      Toodles! I am aghast! You know I honour your exalted position as Top Cat of World Domination but I am not in competition with you. I am in a superior rank of its own. I am Top Leopard of World Dominance. Dominance is higher than domination. See we are equals.

      Cackle. Besides I can ride a broom and be in two places at once as in the original Polty case.

      Shiny blue purse? I went shopping yesterday but I was out for cats of another claw.

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      1. Oh I must confess to our blogority that I went shopping today and yesterday but I am redeemed as I bought only gifts. Notwithstanding that I did go in for a black sweater and found a bag sale (we know why they are sold that way do we not). No sweater. No sexy red bra that I did carry around for awhile.

        What was that man doing in the women’s sweaters dept? Twice? Ate least he wasn’t in the lingerie dept watching me try to find a size 23A. Yes that is in Fahrenheit.

        Weird? I just read about Botox for male genitalia. That is I refuse to read it but I saw the headline. We will not get me started on my rant regarding no matter how high the chest nor how smooth the face in the end we all close or don’t close our eyes and take One. Last. Breath.

        And then out comes the spook ever young and ever a pain cause you can’t see it so you don’t know where it’s gonna POP out of your beauty box of Beau-tox.

        Gloria methinks to leave the weird stuff to your knowledgeable wit and perchance to sort of walk very quickly past Toodles’ stores until the new year.

        Oh yes January is tropical plant sale at our favourite garden centre. I have to repurchase plants for mine buddies who keep killing theirs.

        Sigh. Penance is coming.

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      2. This writer merely attempts to explain that Leopard is king over all others. Yes king. Why be queen when you can overthrow the entire system! Leopard means I can be king and still retain my finer qualities such as the wearing of red lipstick without appearing silly. I can do that without any help. Lions are king of the feline domain but not mine. I am king of my domain. Lions make far too much ado about nothing. I of course would never succumb to such feline behavior.

        That does not answer your question. I am thinking. Personally I think you have far too much personality to be a cat. So …. Toodles if you want a rank you have to just — take it


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