The Daily 21/10/16;

Hi well for Gloria’s first day of weird, and believe me after watching this 80 year old do the Cat Walk, I look forward to my Senior Years!!

So Weird Day 1

I work in a call center, yes fans Gloria is a Call Center Gal!!

and there is a particular person, that always strolls by to see what the daily snacks are and of course hover around until I say, do you want some?

No, Gloria is not too proud to admit that there are some times when I have had to hide under the desk and quietly open a chocolate bar, for the sugar rush, now this gal has selective hearing , she hears paper rustle, packages open, cookies roll across the floor, if you think I am joking, this is snack time at my desk, look out here  she comes now!!


In preparation for the newest episode of The Walking Dead I have been running a marathon of all the seasons past. If you keep reading this and you are far far behind in the show like I have been, there are spoilers ahead. It has been a little confusing because I have seen many of the episodes before. re-watching the seasons I am getting a new perspective of Carol and Daryl. I never liked Carol up until this. She is really quite heroic and the growth her character experiences as the show progresses is fun to watch. I ended up feeling proud! Go Carol Go! She grows into a real badass! What I had missed in the past was the parallel between the two individuals and the abuse they suffered at the hands of loved ones. Of course Carol with her husband and Daryl with his crazy brother Meryl. Carol is talking to another person, was it Rick? I forget. They are in the prison and it is after Daryl leaves with his long lost brother Meryl. She says that if her husband came back living and breathing and said “Lets go” that she would like to believe she would not go with him. That she would have the strength to resist him. But that Meryl had got inside Daryl’s head and still had control over him and Daryl could not resist. Daryl believed he was better off with his brother. Luckily for us, and the show, Daryl realizes his mistake in leaving the group not long after and returns to the fold. Later on Carol or Daryl, I am not sure which, takes the book from the alternative housing home about surviving abuse or something like that. Is it too predictable that the story line includes people finding themselves after the zombie apocalypse? Should we have expected anything different? Could we? I think it brings much reality and depth to these two and I quite enjoy Carol’s reflections on how she has changed over time. Perhaps Daryl reflects less than she does, or the show tends to draw attention to her insights. Daryl’s changes are unspoken but HUGE. He is evolving into one of the most impressive people on the show. I am dreading the newest episode coming up because I fear something may happen to him. The barbed wire baseball bat pointed at his head in the previews makes me worry. In a clip from real life Rick being interviewed about this episode he says watch it with your loved ones, and hold each other or something of the sort. I am not afraid to admit I am worried. I love all these people and I do not want any to disappear. My heart is still in shock over Beth. Who will it be this time? I still have a full season to catch up on before air time, and I know when this marathon ability is over, and I have to go week to week for episodes the suspense will kill me.

I have some paper mache photos to post but it will have to wait until tomorrow. I am too emotionally drained from thinking about the upcoming Walking Dead turns and twists. -Toodles (3 days no shopping, 3 days closer to Paris- plus I found twenty cents in my car to go in the Paris fund! woohoo!)


One thought on “Cookies from the floor and The Walking Dead

  1. This writer worked call centre too and read ghost stories, old notebook, and magazines whilst annoying customers and the boss who kept threatening to fire me for whatever her ego built up this time. That story ends well: I quit on her and told her why and then I found out she was fired. NoteBook was overjoyed on all counts as he has lots to say now. He never shuts up you know.

    I don’t watch TV so I can’t comment but that woman looks like this one when I scaled the retainer wall completely forgetting I had just given my fibula a wooden Karate chop and could not land on that foot. 80-year-old persons being strong and resilient is the norm now. Most people over 60 do not believe that and it is this writer’s responsibility to smarten to par the lot of them. The word senior is not to be detonated in my hearing. I will walk over that person while I am racewalking in my Merrells.

    Toodles, as I say you and Gloria need to be writing and excuse me I have to go and execute this ^&*^$#&*!! fungus gnat.

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