The Daily 22/10/16;


This is Gloria coming to you from Weird Day # 2, except now I am calling this Weird and Wonderful Day 2, this is my story, so I think I can change titles along the way, in case no one knows I ride the bus once in awhile, (yep this is where I get some of my material!)  today while waiting for a bus a young man had headphones on, and OMG he did he started to do a little Flashdance, then a little Footloose, and a whole lot of Thriller!  it was freaking amazing, what a way to start my ride, this guy had us all singing along and of course trying to get our groove on, all I can say is Mr. Weird and Wonderful this is for you!!!
It takes such a little thing to make Someone Smile, lets try and do that today, on what I just declared Weird and Wonderful Day!!!
Rock On Whoever YOU are!!


A big HEEHAW Shout out to You..

Hahaha, Gloria that would have been fun to see! I am not a fan of dancing myself but it would have been fun to see someone else do it. When I first heard about flashmobs I thought they would be a fun thing but then as they became more trendy it lost its appeal. Then again after watching these videos I might have changed my mind.




This one made me think of the Ghostbusters movie with the slime under the city that responded to music!

#5 music NSFW

If a flashmob happens in a city and nobody records it, did it actually happen? I cannot tell you how funny it was to be watching #5 DMX and my 20 year old son coming into the room “You are watching DMX!!”. His friend came over and ran upstairs to tell him his mother was on the couch watching it. Hahahaha! They were both bewildered. It is nice to be able to shock your kids still now and then.

I bet some of these peeps in this video feel the same way

Gloria, this would fit nice in your Week of Weird

This guy sings his heart out

(I know why he is looking for a city because the last one kicked him out)

-Toodles (5 days)



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