The Daily 25/10/16;

Gloria dropped the ball and did not submit Weird Day 4 today. I could have kept napping had I known this. Clearly this has left me free to dominate the blog for the night. I really am so shocked by this I am at a loss for words. So lets catch up on something I have been meaning to discuss with Gloria the Cougar. Dating sites. The traditional ones like and whatever else is out there are old news. My proposal is to try some fresh untapped market. No not prison dating Gloria, I know what you were thinking. I also know you like those bad-boy types. Am I right or am I right? Anyhow, as I was perusing the local crime stoppers page looking for old friends what should happen but an idea popped into my head. Online dating naturally leads us to the Crime Stoppers page. I cannot believe that you didn’t think of this before. I mean, come on, every potential suitor comes with a photo, you know all the important details such as age and weight, height, and you know they are all truthful posts, since it is a third party posting the details. Plus, no skeletons in the closets for these guys! It is like the old saying goes:


Think about it, what other dating site can saying “you don’t look anything like your online photo” mean something good? I hear that prison dating can be competitive, if you get in early via Crime Stoppers you are also beating the crowd. From what I googled, Crime Stoppers is worldwide. And what a nice way to give back to your community by helping steer these guys in the right direction? Things can only go up from here, right? All kidding aside people, I really hope some of you focus on getting better mug shots because sometimes, and I am not trying to be insensitive, sometimes fellows, those photos are not very flattering. Please, give Gloria the Cougar a little consideration.

Everyone deserves a second chance.

Jeremy Meeks Booking Photo

It is true. Everyone does deserve a second chance. And a shoulder to lean on. Gloria you can be that shoulder. I can attest you have been a great influence on me.


Love your neighbor. -Toodles (7 days)



  1. Want weird? Daylight stoppage time starts this weekend. So my ten PM bedtime which is really 9 PM has to become 8 PM because I changed it to the real 9 PM except last night it was 10 PM. My weights will start without me or the other way around.

    As for the desperado tactic known as online dating: buy another notebook. Fill his pages as he takes you to faraway lands….

    Now my weights are jumping up and down in the corner — and if it isn’t they, um, what is that movement?

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  2. Hey Toodles, what a great idea …I am weird enough to like it, you know all of the secrets, it is on their bios, no surprises, like “Oh I did not know you liked banks, and jewelry stores?”
    Toodles you are my genius, see what happens when you stop shopping! Oh, and I guess if I used that button called SEND by blog would be there!
    oh and Linda time change is Nov 6th, can hardly wait, my hour sleep waiting for it

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  3. Gloria you are right. I checked of course, I always do except on Toodles since she is always right. Thank you. I would have looked cute showing up for church an hour early. And trying to get into the bank. I did that once. For some reason they made the groups of numbers on my card one number out from my SIN. So of course I get it stuck in the machine and had to hammer on the door whilst jabbing my finger in the direction of the stupid card eating machine. The SWAT team could at least have come thundering over and let me talk to one of their oh never mind we will leave that for you and your dating. And where were those SWATters when someone left my money in the tray at the bank machine and took off without it? It’s their fault.

    I didn’t think there were dishonest people in MyTown. Now who would take three $20s? Unless they have a habit and I do not mean eating. Imagine. Likely the same idiots who made that hill so steep so that even I could only scale it in three minutes. But alas my money was all gone. Stupid machine. Stupid bad person. Bah.

    By the way I went on my weekly date with NoteBook to our little corner of our favourite restaurant. Early enough so that when we left an hour later Toodles’ were not open. So NoteBook and I had to go home without shopping. We did it! And much as we looked forward to racing in the rain when it was light enough to go out the rain had stopped and the sky had the colossal unmitigated audacity to turn blue

    It all goes into the divine economy.

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