The Daily 24/10/16;
Weird Day # 3,
Have you ever noticed that when you have a cold or flu that everyone has an instant cure, well this week I came down with the mother of all colds!  My nose and eyes were Rudolph red,  and of course the non stop cough and constant nose blowing, thank goodness that a total stranger came to my rescue..
First, a hot shower. then rub Vicks on my nose, and chest, then boil chicken feet, onions, garlic until the feet are cooked (how do you know?) strain the broth out and drink slowly, (if you can) rest, then shower, this time rub chest and nose with mashed garlic, Vicks and ground cloves,and dry mustard steam and inhale  if you feel nauseated don’t worry means it is working, do this for 3 days, and your cold (and most of your friends will be gone!)  After hearing all of this, I have decided that I will live with this cold for the 4-5 days while it runs its course.  I thanked her for the advise and said should I wear garlic around my neck as well?  (see now I was getting cranky, all I wanted was a cup of hot rum, some chicken soup fresh box of Kleenex and sleep….after my weird cold advise, I have made a promise to myself, if anyone asks how I am feeling the word is GREAT, and if they comment on my red eyes, and nose, I will say it is hereditary!
Truth  be told, I like that strangers care enough to give you even bad advise, it is good we care enough to notice if someone is under the weather.
So with all advise we get through our lives, keep what is good for us, and just nod and smile at the rest.
And just saying while I was sick, and down for the count, I watched the funniest U Tube, if anyone has not seen James Corden Car Karaoke, you are in for a treat, he has done car karaoke with Adel, Michell Obama,  George Clooney, Julie Roberts enjoy a laugh on my weird day #3 and Your Welcome!!!
Getting Better and Sneezing Less Gloria!!!
Oh, oh, oh hello there! Why is Toodles up in the middle of the night you ask??? Well, I will fill you in! It’s guilt! Guilt that I had not posted today. I felt… umm… that Gloria would belittle and berate me if I did not post. Yes. Yes it is true. My confession. Gloria scares the bejezus out of me. She is scary, if you have not met  her, you should know this in advance. When puppies meet her in the street they piddle on the sidewalk. She takes candies from babies! If she ever offers you a lollypop you can be assured it came from that wailing 5 year old down the street. Nefarious. I mean, I could not SLEEP knowing I did not make the blog today. Tossing, turning, crying, I finally had to get my sorry arse out of bed and straight to the keyboard. Man, what a relief. I guess half a night sleep will be better than none. And Gloria, upon seeing my swollen red buggered eyes would know right away that she had me in her little fist, she would know the truth. Guys, let me tell you this, you can never let that crafty witch know that she is one up on you. The tides of torment she will unleash upon you and your psyche are unrelenting. So Sshhh! dear readers, do not let her know about this blog post. I am certain she never reads these things, that she in fact just enjoys cracking the wip over my weakened mental state and she gleefully sits at home waiting for the day she will catch me bleary eyed and broken from a night of fitful sleep where she will know instantly that I have collapsed under the pressure and she will cackle to the moon and birds will stop dead in mid flight and fall from the sky and all the fish will float to the surface from all the bodies of water at once and there will be one lone sorrowful cry coming from me as the earth cracks open and we all die a fiery painful death.
Speaking of death, I watched the new The Walking Dead tonight, and it was horrific. I am not a fan of shock TV and I guess this episode was that. Possible spoilers ahead so if you have not watched the new episode then skip to the next paragraph where I surely will have moved on by then. The writers wanted to do something new, to wake us watchers up and take us out of the comfort zone. But where was badass Carol? She has failed me. That woman has cracked and ran off and was not even in this night’s episode. What a bummer. Hmm, not much for spoilers there. Huh. Anyhow, that episode traumatized even me. I was feeling physically sick and my head hurt. I empathize a bit too much with characters when I read books, and tend to take on the emotional state of the heroes (since I clearly am a hero, right guys *wink*wink*). Normally with television I am not so affected, but tonights episode just about damn near killed me. Confession #2 tonight, I guess I am just weak weak weak.
Alright moment over. I did enjoy that car karaoke with Adele. She is stunning. I found a photo online of her and I think she has been using Gloria’s shampoo, here look at this:
here is the original photo of “Gloria” from a few post’s back:
Am I the only one seeing similarities here? Gloria, admit it. You have been stalking Adele haven’t you? If you look closely in the background of James Corden’s car you can see a maniacal woman driving erratically trying to run them off the road. Yes everyone, a true image of Gloria has been captured on live TV. I might have to turn her in if there is a reward on Crime Stoppers.
Woooha! I am now all worked up and nowhere ready for bed! Let me post a few pictures I promised of the paper mache. Warning- these are pretty ugly:
I went on a hay ride today and got sunburnt. Who gets sunburned in October? Me. Ugh. I just told you that, pay attention!!!
Alright my bed is calling finally, goodnight darlings. -Toodles (6 days)

7 thoughts on “Chicken Foot Cure and Toodle’s 3am Crazy Tirade

  1. Gloria never mind what Toodles says, you could never be as savage as I. Why just last night I decided to stay up Very Late and stalk my domain after my underlings were all abed in their own little mansions. Toodles of course would be in her creative space doing her wonders at all hours. Deep in the night, for me that is 11 PM, is when I meet Wild Woman (WW), my inner writer, who stands in the corner of my room with one eye on the moon and the other on me. A flame most wicked emanates from her sweet little face as she beckons me and out we fly.

    Gloria your symptoms are like the ones I recorded in notebook a couple of years ago when finally I carried my nose to the doctor. Parchment, he declared when he looked into Nose with his little nose light, and told me to use Vaseline and to run the steamer at night. I won’t however leave electricity running while WW and are out torpedoing among the trees so I used it in those winter predawns. HydraSense he also suggested, sterile saline solution at drugstores. The green capped one is gentle, the other one moves through your head like WW in those trees. Avoid heater running at night in your room. What that is all about is dry sinuses. So far I missed it this year. For the moment.


  2. Toodles….Damn right you should be afraid of me!! While I was barking, coughing, hacking, you were sitting on a bale of hay waving to the crowds, I will remember this!
    Gloria… and Linda thanks for the cold tip, sounds much better then my other one, see Toodles good things come to good people, now get off that bale of hay and stop waving at everyone….

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Gloria you went near hay with an allergy? Your sinuses are already mad at you, now they will be furious! I believe I saw a chicken up there somewhere. Send it over here, I have a pot ready.


  3. I thought that was Gloria with the dry sinus syndrome aka allergy and that you Toodles rode the haywagon. If she is watching you then she is near the hay. Now my brain is all clogged up and it is only 4:37 AM. And I think there is a fungus gnat left.


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