The Daily 25/10/16;

Well I am now re thinking my Weird days, from what I have seen, Weird is pretty darn fun.
All I know is that these few days have made me laugh, and you know what they say about laughter?…it is a healing factor.

So Day # 4, it was a long evening for early to bed Gloria, my friends were going out of town for a week, and had someone house sit, they asked me to drop in make sure all was okay, well, so far so good, knock on the door, great couple happy, and we had a lot in common,  we had a few laughs, and there was an update on the US elections  that always interests me, so they turned up the TV, the interviewer was talking to someone, and Gloria made her first blunder,,,, the TV was low and I happened to say,  “what did he say? ….(stay with me, cause this is where it gets interesting) she paused the TV and repeated what was said, I smiled and nodded, the interview continued, she paused again repeated what was said, OMG (yep you are right, every sentence a pause and she would repeat what was said, then the best part, the male voice spoke, another pause, and her husband repeated the sentence, I thought I would internally pee myself, for 30 minutes, speak, pause, repeat, it was the longest 30 minute show, I am going to be very careful how I use the word Pardon Me from now on.

I did not stay for the discussion on the show, cause I was afraid someone would say hold that thought, and I would forget what I was holding!

This was the night of echos!  Now that I am intentionally looking for weird, I realize weird is funny, I think I need to no longer be on the outside looking in, of course that is, if I was.

Oh and an update, I saw Mr Rock at the bus stop tonight, nope he wasn’t dancing but he did give me a fist bump and Hi YAY Gloria!!

Good Times!!!

I think today was Weird and Funny, and I am loving this week, 3 more days to go

Toodles where were you when I need you,

A big Hee Haww till tomorrow

Gloria, over and out…

Weird is fun Gloria, I am glad you have come to the dark side!

I was tattooed today and it is hard to type mostly one handed so here are some hayride day photos instead of, you know, words


And here is one of my painting projects 🙂


-Toodles oouuuttt (7 days not shopping…. I think?)


13 thoughts on “Weird is fun!

  1. Gloria if you want to hear someone who doesn’t hear just hear me. Last night my hearing decided to kick in to Full Decibel — I must have yawned the right way or something — and all of a sudden IT IS SO EXPLETIVE LOUD IN HERE. Right then a siren cut your night of echoes (writing prompt) and almost blew my horns off. I went around knocking on things to see how loud they are supposed to sound and almost deafened myself all over again. Then I decided to talk out loud and fell over. Then I had the brilliant idea to sing in my usual off key soprano.

    Polty took off. The fungus gnat hid (I will get that elusive little expletivefly). The mirror imploded.

    Anyway Toodles has been busy ignoring orders from me — you asked where she was.

    Naughty I, should be lifting weights instead of pushing keys so off go I.

    Today this writer works with cover designer. I did so want to have Toodles do it for me since she is such an artist but they want specific measurements for back, front, cover, yada yada boom, and every little thing that has to be changed costs me American megabucks. But she gets honourable mention in the Acknowledgements so hopefully that soothes the insult. After all she is my Art Teacher!

    Oh gee there go my weights rattling slowly towards me. Cut it out you two….

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  2. Hey, you should be writing the Weird Week blog (smile) I think this week has given me a different outlook, I think I might be the Weird one, and if you repeat this I will deny deny deny! So day #6 Linda’s comments will be Weird Day 6!!!
    I can officially designate Day 6 Weird day…
    Oh yes Toodles great art, and patient teacher, actually patient person, puts up with US!!
    hope she doesn’t read this.
    Gloria…. carry on troops

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  3. Writers are weird. Capital ARE. If we were like everyone else we would not be able to write. We would go and do math instead. Can you imagine that? Those number things all the time and they just do not add up.

    The fungus gnats do that. I just had a just born one in front of me. I smacked my hands together so hard the old guy downstairs likely thought the world was coming to an end. Haven’t seen el gnato for awhile either.

    Yes Toodles is very patient (I get accused of that once in awhile and I do have to shake my head over that error). She just quietly sits there drawing away innocent and sweet and then all of a sudden she comes out with a repartee that loosens my horns a tad.

    I did a bad thing but don’t tell Toodles. I put her beautiful drawing on the shelf with mine. I have to move mine quick before she comes over and sees my silly offerings with hers on the same shelf. Yikes. That would be like putting The Screwtape Letters beside the Bible.

    My book designer is on it as we speak. Now I have to figure out what colour shirt I should wear with the green cover. I think orange and purple with red dots? Or perhaps that red flannel thing with the sheep all over it?

    Such Importance. Oh I might have to unscrew those horns. I hate it when that happens.

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  4. Gloria I can’t find your post about wanting a week of positives but I have been trying to find out what that could possibly be. So. I decided that tonight while we get mixed precip from the weather master I will stand out there until a snowflake appears sexoganal and perfect and I will take its picture and get it to you.

    Other positives include that I was first for the Maytag this morning, my hot rice cereal with cranbelberries did not boil over, Polty was hard at work putting the soap dispenser back in the tray when I wanted him to let it drip dry in the basin first, and I get to start a new NoteBook tonight or tomorrow. A deep blue one this time. The fun part of notebooks is that I can be polygamous with those and even swing two or three together for a real workout.

    Speaking of workouts the exercises I began yesterday did not send me to Emerg this time. Otherwise the new batch of spaghetti sauce is fabulous and later I get to walk in the rain. Actually I enjoy that.

    Thank you Gloria!

    Toodles I made a papier mache door snake! Every evening we get smoke smell drifting around and then it is gone by morning so I defeated it. Wait til you see my masterpiece!

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  5. Such a hurry to answer your post that my fangs took that banana sideways. Hahahah me with papier mache is like me with anything I have to get my hands in to. Why do we think I got you to hang my clock? I took a section of your newspapers (oops) and rolled them into a cylinder and taped those. Then I decided there was too much ink making a mess and that’s my job so I covered that ol snake with empty Malbec bags and taped those. That is POSITIVEly gorgeous. And I didn’t have to get my hands mucked up. Ew. I am so delicate you know.

    And you need to come over any time and do art.

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