The Daily 26/10/16;


Well on a rainy day like this and Day 5 of my Weird Week, Gloria has to stretch it out to be 8 days instead of 7, cause a Weird thing happened to Gloria!  – she got a cold, and take it from me Gloria does not get sick often, right now I am deciding, should I have Chicken Soup or Hot Rum, I can’t decide, and I can tell you thank goodness my hair looks good, because the red nose, and the Kleenex stuffed everywhere to catch those sneezes that sneak up on you, I am just not myself today.
Tomorrow I hope I am back to my normal self, I meant back to myself
If you want to show up at my place with either one of those choices, I will be down for that!
This is Gloria, signing out from her warm bed, blanket and pillow
Toodles is having a bit of a discouraging day. My quest for WORLD DOMINATION was thwarted today. So, sorry not sorry, Toodles went shopping today. Now, she must appease herself with some tea. Chamomile lemon sounds good. Here is some pictures of my current project. I found an Instructables that I followed for this one, cause it was awesome.

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