The Daily 28/10/16;

Toodles had an amazing idea, the Line Up Dating Site, and you were worried about the Weird Day # 6,  I wait and the weird comes to me!
Seriously though, I should get back to the dating sites, if it wasn’t such a pain to fill in all of the questionnaire and then of course what I really don’t like you have to give a credit card that will NOT be charged until after your 30 days free are up, however, if you don’t phone before that time and tell them not to charge the card it usually is, and sometimes even when you say NO, they say YES!
Well Day # 6, My Lucky Weird Day!   I called back an unknown 800 number on my phone….
 YES, I knew or pretty sure I had won something, but I was up to the challenge, I did! I won a 5 day FREE Cruise departing from Florida, for a nominal rate of $299.00 for 2 people, well this was exciting, bare with me for my conversation with the telemarketer:
Gloria:  so let me get this straight for $299.00 I get a 5 day FREE cruise for 2 people, what if I want to bring 2 friends, if I give you $598.00 they will get a FREE cruise too
Agent:  why yes of course, and you will enjoy this FREE cruise much more with friends, our cruises are family friendly, the meals are included, however you will have to pay for any alcohol beverages, and certain entertainment is not included with our FREE package
Gloria:  I love the word FREE, you have sold me already, so just to be clear one more time for $598.00 that I will give you my credit card # shortly I get a 5 night FREE cruise for me and 3 friends, is there any other costs?
Agent:  Not really you have to fly to Florida where the port is, that of course is not covered.
Gloria:  Okay and again how much extra would the drinks and entertainment be on ship?
Agent:  Well not sure but if I were you I would budget about $300.00 a person, of course tips are extra as well
Gloria:  Okay so now my FREE cruise is $299.00 per person, plus about $300.00 plus airfare, and plus gratuity on board?
Agent:  Correct, are you ready to proceed with this wonderful offer
Gloria,  Of course I never turn down FREE, can you wait one minute I will have to phone my friend Toodles as I like to use her credit card for these great deals, she is a shopper and she will be excited that I am getting this deal, of course I have to find my companion to take, but that won’t take long, as I think there is a line up daily at our local station.
Agent:  Well don’t be too long these FREE coupons sell out quickly, I would hate for you to miss this great deal.
Gloria:  Can you stay on hold for 5 or 10 minutes, I am so excited, I might have to lay down and catch my breath, by the way because this is FREE should I tell anyone?
Agent:  Why yes of course share it with your Friends, I am waiting for the credit card, it keeps coming up declined for some reason
Gloria:  Oh don’t worry it does that sometimes.  Just send the coupons I will mail you a cheque
Agent:  We don’t accept cheques, and the clock is running, we need to process this right away or you will loose these coupons, and they are time sensitive.
Gloria:  Oh I am sorry, I will have to call you back, I have to find my friend to go on the cruise with, and make sure he can leave the country.
Yes as I said I don’t have to go looking, it usually comes to ME, and I am such a lucky person, I wonder how many others have WON!!
Yes Gloria Congratulations!!  Bon Voyage, (oh Toodles, I think you should up your credit card limit) Oh there is the Agent calling back, gotta run..
Gloria:  Hello?
Ahem. Gloria. There is a huge difference between telemarketers and thrift stores. Yes. Indeed. Well, today I struck it rich too. You are not the only one with weird luck this fine shiny day. What happened you ask? Well, miracles of miracles, I managed to score about a dozen FREE pencil cases! Brand new with tags. I said yes to this amazing fantastic deal not because I have a lot of pencils, but because I can PAINT on them! I will have to take photos and post these beauties when they are done.
I had a weird dream today during my nap. I imagined that I went to a bar I used to go to, but it was different. It was smaller and not far from the house I grew up in. There was a side stage featuring a live performance by Matchbox 20. Nobody in the bar would talk to me. And I kept looking for a toilet because I had to pee, but the problem was none of the toilets were clean! This happens so often to me in dreams! When I have to pee but I am sleeping my subconscious incorporates this into my dream by making me look for a clean public bathroom. Inevitably the bathrooms are never suitable and I have to keep searching until I wake up and can use the bathroom. Its normally quite horrid as these bathrooms always are too gross to use or broken or something. Yesterday I was in a big box store in my dream trying to find a clean toilet. Anyways back to today’s dream. I left this makeshift bar, an amalgamation of a number of places I have been to in my life, not all bars either! For some reason I went to my mother’s house and she fed me cheezies and popcorn and chips the next morning. Then I had to go back to the bar to do cleanup. You see, the bar turned into my bedroom, which was an amalgamation of things I own but all mixed up in a room/house I have never had. I was grossed out because cigarette ashes were left everywhere, and the plague bars used to have of half filled beer glasses with floating cigarette butts in them. I really remember the standout feature of this dream aside from the dang bathrooms was that nobody would talk to me. And the next day these people were all outside my mother’s house washing the sidewalk or something. It was annoying because I had to walk through this group of people a few times. I never got to see Matchbox 20 performing either on the side stage, that part was prominent in the dream for some reason. The ‘side stage’. Instead of seeing the band there, I saw this strange person sitting there with his friends and he had this really big (abnormally big?) grin on his face.
Gloria, tell me what this dream means! I cannot possibly go on a cruise with you if you are not able to tell me what my dreams mean. Seriously.
In the winter time I become a cold blooded reptile who heat seeks. Hot water bottles are heavenly. After I woke from my nap and dream I went and had a shower. I stayed in the shower for far too long, fully realizing that I was enjoying the hot water. It was like being surrounded by 100 hot water bottles. If I was a cat, I would have been purring.
Speaking of cats, I was thinking today. Gloria, you have so much more interaction with the public than I do. You are a social butterfly to my hermit. My yin to my yang. You have all these fun wonderful stories about people and here I am at home playing with newspaper and glue. It made me think what stories do I have about people? Well, I told my tattooist the other day that (and I am not kidding, I actually said this) “cat hair is pet people glitter”. Surely most of you have heard this saying before? I read it off some internet meme.
The response I received was “No outfit is complete without cat hair”. So true, so true. Words of wisdom. Gloria I hope you paid attention to these pearls.
Read about Trump your Cat *CLICK ME*
Gloria, my only question about the cruise holiday is…. wait for it…. CAN I BRING MY CATS???? -Toodles
ps here have some random google images about cat hair

2 thoughts on “Cat Hair Cruises

  1. Why of course Toodles you can bring your cats on the Cruise, they will be FREE!!!!, just wait I will call and confirm a fee of $298.00 for 1 FREE cat!!
    Bon Voyage

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