The Daily 29/10/16;
Well today 7 and I have still not run out of material….

I enjoyed a some tea and honey with friends this evening, and I happened to glance at the next table, the gentleman had ordered dinner and he had everything in order, napkin, cutlery glass, and as the plate arrived, I noticed he turned it around a couple of times, and with every fork full, he would put salt, and pepper on the fork then take a bite, over and over again, this reminded me of Robert on the Everyone Loves Raymond show, but then I took a look at myself, and what was my weirdo habits,

#1 –  when I buy a takeout coffee, I always take the lid off, take a sip, put the lid on, I do that over and over till the coffee is done.

#2   I sleep with the blankets over my head all of the time, I can just imagine what my husband must have thought when we were first married and we kissed goodnight, then I put the blankets over my head!

#3 I always sing when I am walking (alone) no one knows that but Everyone that reads this blog now does.

#4  I hate to be late it drives me around the bend, I take at least 2 bus’s earlier then I need to, I am usually waiting for everyone else to show up.

#5  I get scared at zombie, and any kind of outer space movies, I have to watch with a blanket over my eyes, or from another room, preferably the other room.

#6  any Suspense movies that involve knives same thing.  I have been known to sit in the bathroom, and ask Is it over yet?

#7  I never eat a whole cookie at the same time, I eat half, then wait, and eat the other half, the cookie box in my house is full of 1/2’s

So there you have it everyone Gloria, the original Whack Job Weirdo!!!

Till tomorrow, this is Weird Gloria!!

Now that guy at the next table not looking so bad… and another Shout Out to Toodles day 10?  no shopping!!!  Yee Haw!!

Well Gloria, I went shopping the other night at Value Village, so nope I ruined my no-shopping streak. Weeeaaak. That is me! It’s ok though, because I really, really needed a shopping trip. I picked up a sweet blouse, and some new sheets for my bed. I used to have yellow ones (well I still do because they are good I just did not like how they started to pill) and now I have purple ones. Speaking of purple, guess who went out today and got a flash sale tattoo? Meee! It is a purple one. I won’t tell you what it is because a gal needs some privacy in her life. But, I can tell you I LOVE it! And you know what? The artist said that my skin takes color really well (this is my 1st color tattoo) and that I was born to get tattoos. Or something like that. So clearly it is my obligation to the world that I continue to get more colored tattoos. I might go to another shop tomorrow and get another one. I love sales, and now that I know about these flash sales I will for sure be jumping at them. For those who may not be aware, a flash tattoo sale is when there are drawings being offered by a shop that are already drawn and ready to go.

Gloria! I had no idea that space movies freak you out. Now I feel bad for taking you to see Gravity! Why didn’t you say this made you buggy???

As for sleeping with blankets over your head, I now know why you always keep a blanket at your desk. My suggestion? Just make sure it is a camouflage Snuggie blanket so nobody can see you do it. Snuggies have arms, perfect to facilitate office work! Just make sure you get one of these chairs too

These guys are on the right track:


Ikea paper man

Gloria, I think we might be on to something,

WOW! This could be useful!

Unrelated, but this next video I found by accident and this guy has some moves!


As some of you readers know, I adore The Walking Dead. This next video is just pure sublime talent, way to go Dragon House, you guys are my heroes! (Gloria fair warning, this one is zombies so you might have to skip it) -Toodles (1 day)


3 thoughts on ““I sleep with the blankets over my head all of the time”

  1. Your #3 — I always hum or whistle whilst I racewalk. The neigh-bores think I am nuts which makes me smile wider. #6: Movie scare? I fell asleep during Damien: Omen Two and read the ending of Omen Three while being made to wait in a grocery lineup. I like the ending so I put the book back on their rack and paid for my groceries. Never mind Gloria, Toodles and I will protect you.

    Toodles I was heard to say to a friend after I insisted on paying for something for her which I refuse to allow her to do for me, that I want world dominion. As a passing male customer laughed I felt profound guilt for having uttered the proclamation of our very own Toodles.


    Flash tattoo by unknown mad tattooist who uses dirty needles? Like the one an acquaintance had put on her, um, lung, at a flea market? Blood test followed. Egad you are scaring me.

    Yes I must go to VV much as I hate that place and seek a green ornament. It has to be the correct shade of green not that wine bottle green.

    Oh. My weights just flung themselves against the wall. That exercise programme I have six weeks to get around to compile – I have to do it right now before I can get moving. Six weeks is not enough time to sit here for ten minutes and do it you know.

    Liked by 1 person

  2. Oh thank you. I would not want to get into trouble with Toodles. I managed to wrench out my favourite spine places with a heavy one armed lateral lift this morning, you know, the one I already know better than to do. My floater rib decided to clench just as I was about to leave for church. It needs redemption


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