The Daily 30/10/16;


This Halloween weekend is upon us, and yesterday they did a world wide thriller dance at the same time around the world, I still remember the first seeing this video, Michael Jackson such a creative and talented person.

I enjoyed watching our local group they did an amazing job, just wished there was more of a crowd to enjoy.

Now Gloria has another question, why are we always in such a negative mode, who installed that in us, saying you can’t do that?

We need to always say YES you can, nothing is impossible if you want it bad enough always remember that.

Yes Toodles you can!

Yes Gloria you can!, we must always remind ourselves that no matter what others say, we need to respond YES I CAN!

This is the week I accept no negative, I only want to hear positive -Gloria
I am so pleased with my new tattoos. They are both Halloween themed and I couldn’t be happier. It was a fun experience to be tattooed by different artists for a change. I love my own tattoo artist, she is amazing grace on two legs. Experiencing two other tattoo shops was an interesting experience though because I saw a different side to things. The shop interaction between employees, as well as different shop set ups. Everyone in all the shops have been fantastic and I left feeling extremely positive from all interactions. At one place I did get a bit of a strange feeling from one person. Do not get me wrong, she was great but I sensed this feeling of looking down on some tattoos. She told me that some people find inspiration for tattoos off Pintrest, and I do that. All the time. She said that is how some people find tattoos but usually the tattoos there are so overdone there, and everyone has them. The hairs went up on my hackles a bit at this because tattoos are such a personal thing, if someone likes an overdone tattoo and wants one, more power to them. It is something they will carry on them forever. I have read on different tattoo forums that artists will get tired of doing infinity tattoos or quotes or whatever. I think it is a big responsibility to tattoo someone, and all the artists I have met have been amazing and have been so capable. It saddens me to think that there are some out there who would believe that it is ok to be so judgemental. I can appreciate not liking someone’s choices but as a tattoo artist I would think that the support would be there for people to choose what they like, as judgement free as possible. Sure, you may end up giving out 100 ‘sisters’ tattoos but who cares? You design it to the best of your ability, and ink it with reverence to the art. At least that is my opinion right now and really I guess I don’t know what I am talking about. I am not a tattoo artist, but one day I hope to be. Will my opinion change when I finally get the chance to become one? Maybe. But I hope not.

One thought on “Halloween and Tattoo Musings

  1. Toodles Toodles you post a great thesis and then blow it away by saying you do not know of what you speak? No. You do know what you are talking about. Not until this moment from my pedestal did this expert on everything realize the emotion and psychology behind skin design. I thought people just went and got a tattoo and that is that. Now you have educated the excellent.

    Gloria what will we do with the girl?

    Positive? Hmm. We will try that since I love a challenge. For instance I have to go right now and do dishes….


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