The Daily 31/10/16;

Gloria is very cranky today, and on the beginning of a new month, (BTW – I think it is Toodles birthday month, we may have to start the countdown, or countup?  which is it?

Cranky because I got on the wrong bus, by accident, and cranky because I did not have my morning coffee, and most of all cranky because Toodles runs off gets tattoos and never says, hey we could each get one you know a BFF kind of thing.

I declare this evening as I type this that tomorrow Tuesday November 1st, is going to be Happy Day, and Gloria is slapping on her dancing shoes on!!

Toodles lets see that tattoo picture up close.

Happy day after Halloween everyone!

Oh and my next new favorite TV Show is Genius I think it has some potential, Red you have some competition, I wonder how Red feels about that.




Red probably feels jealous that you have not gotten a tattoo of him yet! I think we could swing it Gloria, we could get BFF tattoos of Reddington from Blacklist. I would do that with you but then you have to make sure for me that he looks like a zombie. Deal? Deal! Lets do this! I have also started watching a new show, “American Crime”. I have only been half watching it as I go about doing other things but I think it is a show worthy of 100% attention. I will have to go back and watch it fully. It is great writing and acting from what I can tell.And now Lili Taylor has made an appearance! I adore her, she is an amazing actress. I usually like whatever she is in.

Trick or Treaters tonight were sparse! One showed up with a costume of tape on the mouth and black makeup under the eyes. I cannot say I recognize this costume as anything in particular. I wish I had thought of this as a costume when my kids were little. First, super cheap! Second, easy removal. And third, what a peaceful night! I think the kid said happy halloween, or thank you, or who knows because I could not understand what they were communicating to me haha. But they seemed happy when I placed chocolate in the bag! I  did not decorate for the holiday because I was not sure if I would hand out candy. Usually I go out for the night so I have not been home in a long time. Tonight though I wanted to stay in and hand out candy. I feel asleep early so it was up to the other people in my home to hand it out. I do not know how many munchkins came after I was asleep. I hope there were a few. My neighborhood likes to decorate for halloween. I think next year I will be more festive. At least carve some pumpkins. Dress up. Who knows. I have been known to go all out in the past, doll heads and music and lighting. There is a while year to plan!

Gloria, when you say you want to see a pic of my new tattoo you need to be more specific because there is more than one! I have been a busy monkey! -Toodles


7 thoughts on “The start of Happy Day and Trick or Treat!

  1. Toodles if you go to those lengths at Hallowe’en I can imagine what (smack goes another fungus gnat) you do at Christmas. Which of course roils my competition hormones. I usually put up my tree a month ahead of time and take it down between Dec. 24 and 26. Whenever I walk into the room and it looks out of place.

    Gloria can we just imagine what Toodles does with this!

    No Toodles, you can’t put skulls on the reindeer. Oh Gloria what SHALL we do with her on her way to world dominance?

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  2. Oh good I get to best you at something.

    I know. I will draw a picture of a Christmas tree. Nah. How about Rudy with a glass of something cool?


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