The Daily 01/11/16;




Well having spent a week watching what I presumed for me was Weird I have decided everything is in the eye of the beholder … and I behold that I love weird, I love that everyone is a little quirker, I love it, I love my quirks, some of your quirks may irritate me, but only momentarily.
I say I LOVE Weird, I LOVE quirky!
So I say to everyone, WEIRD ON!!
Gloria loves ya!!!
You know Gloria, I have noticed a change in your behavior over the last week. I have been meaning to say something to you about it but I wasn’t sure how to approach you. We both know how scary you can be when confronted. I am glad to hear your week of weird is over and I hope things can return to normal again. Gloria. Please stop throwing food at me. I have enough laundry as it is!
Alright, so posting about the things I have been making. Nothing ever seems to be finished. Too many ideas and not enough time. Especially with paper mache. It just takes soooo long. You have to work it then let it dry. Each day another layer completed. My balloon head skulls are progressing. I started to paint my fish. And now I am side tracked making paper mache bracelets. I wore what I call “the prototype” today at work. It was good. Only had a coat of black acrylic over it. But it had been sanded and was of course dry. I added fabric to it today and I am working on sealing it. Waiting for glue and sealer to dry. So much waiting! So much work! Nothing gets finished! Soon I should have an abundance of projects to be painted. I think in the next month or so. I started another half dozen bracelets last night too. Course that will take time to layer and dry. But I am excited for it, it should be worth the wait. Plus I think perhaps they will make good presents later. I have to see how my prototype does with wear over time. Gloria, get ready for some chunky paper mache jewelry coming your way! -Toodles

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