The Daily 07/11/16;


Well Blacklist finally turned up some answers, somehow I must be honest, but I am getting a little bored ..Blacklist seems for some reason to have lost its OOMP!

Liz was going to be a donor for Kirk to save his life, presuming that he is her father, but test results proved he wasn’t , I did say Hurray!!  So that leaves the door open perhaps Red is in deed her “daddy”

Next week is the season finale, and the preview does look good, but it appears that Kirk is not going to go quietly.

Another show on Netflex is Longmire, another favorite of mine, I am waiting to see if they are going to do another season, oh how patient Gloria has to be while networks decide if the ratings are high enough, when will they learn pick up the phone and call,

1-800- Gloria!!!

Cheers for now…

Don’t worry all, this blog WILL be renewed, right Toodles?


Gloria has been very nice not hassling me for being behind in posting our blog posts! She has been strangely kind and now I am wondering if my desk drawers are filled with springy snakes or something else. She has been watching me over the cubicle, all I see is that fabulous hair and shifty, beady eyes…. and I once in a while hear devious giggle. Oh dear. If I do not post tomorrow, please send help!



9 thoughts on “Blacklist and blacklisted

  1. That is right Toodles call for help, call loud and long!! Just keep your eyes open Toodles, you never know when Gloria is going to sneak up.
    (You know I have to be patient Toodles, as I am sending you bow tie shopping)

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    1. I have installed little whistles on your shoes that ring at a tone only I am able to hear. Just like santa knows when you have been bad or good, I know when you are trying to sneak up on me. Yes, you have been outwitted again!

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  2. Blacklist? Kirk? Are those new political parties? They don’t sound like sox or notebooks.

    And Gloria where have YOU been? Oh oh. I need to check my chocolate store. Yaaaarrrghhhhhhhh………..

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