The Daily 08/11/16;


Hey Toodles, well you made me laugh today, so here is your little laugh, and by the way everyone you know how I said about that hair product I was using, it is great, my hair is thicker, I think and easier to manage, so I know that I will for I will order some for sure now the samples are gone, cause I don’t want to look like this




and seeing as Toodles and I have a theme about famous and funny quotes, I love this one dedicated to you Toodles, especially since you got all this new makeup, in fact I even am putting up the Toodles picture, oh and just a heads up, (BEWARE)  ….sorry Toodles now you are not anonymous anymore….ouch… I am sure everyone can spot you now…. BAMM!!!


“I’m selfish, impatient, and a little insecure. I make mistakes, I’m out of control, and at times hard to handle. But if you can’t handle me at my worst, then you sure as hell don’t deserve me at my best”
Marilyn Monroe
Toodles has been feeling the makeup vibe these days hardcore. I don’t know about that quote Gloria, are you saying that I am out of control too? Hmmm……….. You ain’t seen nothing yet!
Speaking of out of control… So Trump is president-elect of the USA. Reports stated the Immigration Canada website was crashing last night from too many people. Was that true? Did anyone find out the answer to that? As I am typing this I am also looking up the answer. Seems there were a lot of news articles on this very thing. I selected one at random: “Today no-ones laughing”
And Gloria, since I know you have been interested in these online dating sites, I found this for you“Worried about life under a Trump Presidency?”
If you look close at the picture there be a man bun for ya!!
I am following some of the protests that are happening after Trump’s win yesterday, and Lady Gaga has been pretty vocal (I am really starting to love her since American Horror Story). Other protests have been in the news and it is really great to see so many passionate people. There are many videos online you can view about all of this, easy to look up. I was going to post more but decided against it.
As a Canadian, watching this from the sidelines, I admit I am more than a little horrified by the results of this election. Surprised for sure, but deeply scared by what will happen next. I heard on the radio today by someone speaking about the election that the world widely regards Trump as a fool. As in Hillary Clinton’s speech in the link I posted above, she says that she hopes everyone keeps an open mind etc etc. I think perhaps it is too late for that as we really have seen during the course of his campaign Trump does not have an open mind himself.
In all honesty, I did not think Trump would get elected in a million years. When the vote calculations started coming in my anxiety started to grow. I had been ignoring most of the election campaigns, just reading bits here and there. But today I have been looking at Trump’s website, and seriously, the campaign is over, why is he still asking for donations? Trump’s website has been updated to state he won and thank you America, but he still at the time of this post, is asking people to donate and all the buttons to donate are all up. The campaign is over! Put your hands back in your own pockets.
Here is a quote from Trump’s website: “Anyone who cannot name our enemy, is not fit to lead this country.” Thank you Donald. This is how I feel about you and my quest for WORLD DOMINATION. Get out of my way.
-sad and horrified Toodles signing off
OH I COULDN’T LEAVE YOU ALL ON SUCH A SOUR NOTE! Here have some giggles with the Simpsons!



13 thoughts on “Pouting and No-ones laughing now

  1. By the way, Toodles, congrats on the make up. I love colour. It looks especially good on the rim of a long stemmed glass, you know, the one with the platter of chocolate beside it.

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