The Daily 13/11/16;

So a big day for USA, they voted in their new president elect, Donald Trump, I think there was a lot of shock and surprise at the results, the news media had predicted a different winner.  Mr Trump will be President for the next 4 or so years, it has been a very entertaining campaign to watch, but I can honestly say Toodles, I am glad it is over!  When Donald decided to run I can tell you I found the Stump for Trump girls U Tube so funny, in fact Toodles why did we not think of that, surely we could be some elected official’s “girls”   I don’t know about you Toodles but I have been known to belt out a tune or 2 and Toodles I know that you can shake it up pretty good, I have been told from good authority you can do the Shimmy!  Oh My that is it we are getting a You Tube Video, or is it U Tube?  I never know which is correct.

So Donald, we will be bringing up your name in the next few month,  feel free to join our blog with some of your ZINGERS!  I wonder if I can still call him Donald?  What do you think Toodles?  Or because President Obama is called Obama, we may have to just call him Trump?

Either way it looks like a change coming in the USA, I am wondering if Air Force One will be renamed the Trump Mobile, or just The Donald, and will there be a contest to name the Wall between USA and Mexico, and then why is Canada left out, we won’t have a wall?  Will we have strobe lighting and disco music playing every time someone crosses the border, I like it!

Donald anytime you need some suggestions in how to run a country call one of us, we ran a house with teenagers, after that running a country should be a piece of cake.

Till we talk again Donald

Gloria sends you a big HEE HAW….. Toodles get off the table for heaven’s sake the camera is not rolling,  what did I tell you about KIDS!!
Gloria haven’t you heard? Air Force One is now called Hair Force One. Its been all over that thing called a television (not that WriterLinda knows what one of those things are).
Gloria, me? Being someone’s “girls”??? Do you even know me bro? Wanna fight? Recess, out back in the school yard!!!
Here this could be our theme song!
Maybe one day we will be lucky and get married to some man and then we will get gifts like this!
Anyhow clearly I went overboard with this theme but I couldn’t resist. I actually was just looking for a tv ad for WriterLinda and these things popped up. So back on topic. Here are ads for televisions:


Alright, alright, enough silliness. Gloria, I am serious though. I think we should fight. Lets meet up. -Toodles



3 thoughts on “Donald, Hair Force One, Toodles calls Gloria out!

  1. Hey how’d you get my picture up there after I won that fight that time. That’s how I look when I’ve eaten someone.

    The ads are the only part of TV I like and now when I am forced to endure the thing in someone else’s home I see they have gone way creative. I love those ads. I absolutely do. In fact I should write one. Then I can make a video of me acting it out even if my hair is about four inches shorter than it is in the old video where I dance and sing. The police almost came to the door that time but he wasn’t my type so I told him to go away.

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