The Daily 15/11/16;

Ooops I am sorry I have been forgetting my Blacklist updates, as you know I really love RED and this show but to be honest I have found that the writers seemed to be taking rabbit trails, I liked the original Red brought bad guys they got rid of them, everyone was happy, I hope was they get the Liz and baby story line solved, they can get back to that, except now I read spoiler alert, Tom may be leaving and starting his own show…do they not know Gloria hates change????  Tom you must stay, no matter what they offer you say NO, the Blacklist, and Gloria needs me there.
That James Spader everyone knows how much I like him, I even hosted a Boston Legal weekend, from Friday night through to Sunday morning, one Boston Legal after another, hmmmm gives me a thought James, a Blacklist weekend!  I am here for you James, you just may have to say to the writers sometimes, “Gloria would not like this!”
PS  wouldn’t Tom look great with a man bun?
Tom would look good with a man bun. I liked the tattoos on him, unfortunately they were all white power soooo I was not a fan of the actual tattoos. He does need and edge. He has always been a little too nerdy. The bun and proper tattoos would really jazz him up. Liz sure looks different from the first season. I am glad they did away with her blond-I’m-in-hiding hair cause that was just tragic stuff.
Gloria, what do you mean you hosted a Boston Legal weekend??? Where was I???? I am starting to think I might not actually be a friend of yours. I think you hide me from all your real friends and string me along so you can tell your real friends “oh my goodness, you won’t believe what Toodles has done now!”
Speaking of real friends, Linda has spoiled me last night. Presents and wine and dinner! Gloria, you should take some pointers from this woman! Anyhow, I must go back to paper mache again, see you on the flipside.

11 thoughts on “Rabbit Trails, Original Red, Real Friends

  1. This stupid site will not take my comments. I tried to ask you Gloria what happens in real life while you guys hide behind TV and then decided you would have to hide in front or you wouldn’t be able to watch the mesmerizing catatonia that comes from the screen. What is Boston Legal Weekend? A gaggle of lawyers in conference in Boston? A giggle of people doing what they want all weekend in that city?

    Toodles Toodles you are gonna make Gloria hate me. And I ate way too much of my own cooking although that orange pancake with the cranberry sauce and cream cheese was good and I had more of that red stuff on my hot cereal this morning.

    Now let us see if this thing can be posted forthwith. This time I will copy the expletive thing first.


  2. All I can say girls is What the HEE HAWW!! cake, ice cream, and wine, the top 3 food groups, and Gloria was no where to be seen??? How Tragic for you guys!!
    LOL you are so right Linda a weekend watching lawyers argue, but we waited for Danny Crane to bring in his zingers!! the highlight.. okay so just saying girls I am free this weekend for leftovers..

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      1. My doctor found out I was eating a chocolate bar a day so he rationed me to two so I got out my math skills (hahah) and divided 60 mg by 7 so that when I could only get 100 mg bars I had to figure that out too except I went the long way around and then figured out how I could have figured it out the short way. Like the sentence you just read.


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