The Daily 15/11/16;


Hi, so as per Toodles I have been looking at quotes, and I came across this one:


If everyone is thinking alike, then somebody isn’t thinking.
George Patton
Well now I am very confused Toodles, cause you and I think a lot alike, so, if this quote is true, and I am sure George was truthful, which one of us isn’t thinking?  I am pretty sure I am….so that means……(just quoting a very famous man Toodles, so don’t get mad at me!!)
This weekend believe it or not I am going back on the dating sites, to catch up on emails, and see if anyone thought I was as smart and attractive as I believe myself to be, I think online dating is all about marketing, and believe me I can do I right Toodles?
So expect a few emails to be posted here at least I hope, what if there are none?  Now I am feeling very insecure.  I better find another quote oh I like this one..
I see, Gloria, you were on a page called “brainy quote”. Who let you on there???? Hmmm….. Hmmm, indeed! Who is George S. Patton? How does he claim to be such an expert? Who is this fellow? Gloria if you form a George cult I am not coming to the meetings. I mean it. You can, ah, patton that. Mwahahahaha
Today was a very cranky day for Toodles. Without boring you with the details I think it is wise to treat experienced people as such and not demean them or make them feel un-knowledgeable. This time would be better spent focused on those who need a lift up. Why create an environment of resentment when you don’t have to? This world would just be far better off if everyone would acknowledge that I am an expert in everything and I should be put on a pedestal. Today I employed the art of just walking away. I will be using this method more often, it can be particularly effective in making a statement as well as getting the last word. Great! So we all agree then. I know everything!! Ok bye. *brisk footsteps walking away*

10 thoughts on “Toodles is perfect. The end.

  1. Toodles Toodles I walked away from stupidity forever since high school bullies right down through bullying men and came out on top. That is the way it is done. You are my best disciple. Cackle. You picked up my vibes see. See you at the prompts table where you can report to me what you’ve done with all I’ve taught you.

    Gloria what is this newfangled thingie about online dating? Is that like the catalogue we used to take with us to the outhouse, you know, so we’d have something to read. None of the models were male though, they had better things to do then like hold the camera while we hold the catalogue. YOu know what happened to that catalogue after don’t you.

    This writer’s grandpa forgot they moved it once and stepped right in. My goodness he could turn the sky black.

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      1. They moved the outhouse over a bit so the hole was exposed . I dunno why. But Nonno went out to the outhouse and forgot it had been moved and fell into the dump hole. When they put a toilet in his house first he fought that idea until my father, his son in law and only person to whom he would listen, said oh let’s put it in for the old lady. So he said all right all right but I won’t use it.

        Then because it was the mountains and when it gets cold it gets gelid, the day came when he decided it might be okay to just this once use the indoor outhouse.

        After that it was a good idea and the outhouse lost its catalogue.


      2. The neighbor saw him while Nonno took his clothes off on the back porch. “Hey Tony,” sayeth he. “Who’s the naked guy I saw on your porch?”

        “Must have been the old lady had someone here,” Nonno said. I never heard what Nonna said about that one. Likely censored.

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