I have been reposting some of Gloria’s blog posts!! I thought she was continuing her dating site adventures, but it seems I have just been reposting her old stuff I kept in my email. Why didn’t you tell me I was doing this, anyone?? Haha well, that was silly. I thought it was funny strange that she kept eating cold pizza and hot chocolate. I have the worst memory EVER. I guess I could go back and delete the double posts but, um, I am lazy. Should Toodles fix this? Yes or No, votes start now.

PS this means Gloria has not been sending me fresh material and what should we do with her? What a little cheater!



11 thoughts on “OH MY GOODNESS

    1. I think Toodles has too much time on her hands, lets give her something to do!!
      Let’s start a chant,
      Take it Down, Take it Down, hmm that chant rings a bell somewhere in my head
      Till next time

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  1. Toodles I can understand the more Tattoo thing, but what happens when you run out of skin? Do you just do a skin transplant so that you can tattoo over tattoo, is that like when TV shows do re – runs? Get me up to speed Toodles
    Yours in HEE HAW

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    1. Gloria I just asked her the same thing, what happens when there is no more white space, in reference to a book page where there is no break.

      Maybe they make one of those big erasers they talk about. I of course do not own erasers.


    2. Gloria! I can’t find the post where you tell us about the online guy who says he has a girlfriend. It fell into my head (gotta stop hurting myself like that) that he has no girlfriend and is using that as bait. Ha. It took me a while to figure that one out. Silly man hasn’t had much experience with our gender. At least not in this century.


  2. Gloria and Toodles that was such a nice time we had supposedly writing prompts. Well we did that too, I was too busy enjoying our conversation. That was fun and I wanna do it again! M

    My book cover guy is calling tomorrow I believe so we can get HowMaster going to print. Then in order to keep up with the go-for-it attitude of you two I have to step up my efforts to find an agent to handle the novel, now that the book is taken care of.

    I almost froze on the way home with that gelid humidity in the air. My heat is up and I saw some ugly four-letter-word white stuff on the hills. EwwwwwwWWWWWWW!!!

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      1. How does that resonate? This writer sees only four basic concepts to winter: black, gray, brown, and white. My reporters tell me that some folk actually strap boards to their feet and navigate the mountainsides. You would think they could wait until June or some other verdant time of year.


      2. Yes there are and those always seem to be against the canvas of that four letter word for the white idiocy that is supposed to fall overnight tonight.

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