The Daily 17/11/16;
Well Gloria has spent a very nice weekend chatting up a storm with what I think is 2 nice men online, I am trying to be cool, (of course for me that is second nature!)  Both men are very interesting, and we do seem to have a lot in common, they like to travel, really enjoy live theater, and some politics, so we have got into some deep Hillary versus Donald discussion.
I think within the next 2 weeks we will meet for coffee, one gentlemen is about an hour away, the other is local, but I want to continue the chat a little further, I am being a little cautious, Gloria is a little picky!  going to be hard to find someone that will appreciate my HUMOR!
Will keep you all updated as progress continues or not..
And Today I am declaring this RESPECT DAY!! show someone some extra respect, it is worth it, and believe me the rewards will be high,  that means you too Toodles…. you are not getting out of this, you can declare your own day sometime, just not today,
So Toodles for Now
Gloria, I found some pictures. I am so inspired. WriterLinda, here is the uniform requirements! # 4 is the best!
Speaking of dogs, I live in a house full of cats and dogs. I was thinking about it this morning and all the weird things said around my house My neighbors must really wonder about this household.
“Don’t poop there!”
“Quit licking that”
“Stop eating the plant!”
“Get off the table!”
“Get out of the sink!”
“There is cat shit in the tub again. You clean it this time”
“Share the toy rat”
“Get out of the dishwasher!”
“Quit eating my food!”
“Quit making that noise!”
“Don’t eat from the garbage!”
“Stop licking your butt!”
Those are my quotes for today.

One thought on “Respect Day! Respect THE skinny jeans!

  1. Gloria I suggest you take your beaux names and have the police run those through their computer. Just to make sure their last dates are still around. You know, that is respectful. In the meantime skinny jeans are cool. Or hot. I would imagine they would be hot in summer and cool in winter or is it the other way around? I promise to think deeply about that whilst doing the dinner dishes since I don’t have any cats to lick em clean. Oh yuck I made myself sick.

    No atti-Toodles, you may not bring one of your menagerie. AchhoooooooooOOOOO!!!! Snuffle.


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