The Daily 22/11/16;

During a conversation about the USA election results with one of my oldest friends, she said the following:

That’s why people are so taken aback this time. It’s like in the wizard of Oz when the curtain is pulled down and blamo there is man controlling it all” -Melanie Bell

What an apt description.

We were talking about the difference between vote results vs the popular vote. I had always assumed that in democracy, majority rules. In the USA it seems this is totally not the case.  Here is a great video she sent me when I asked for an explanation on the system:

This really raised more questions after I viewed it. Like, why on earth is this system still in place? Or, as Gloria would say, WHAT THE HEEHAW



2 thoughts on “It’s like the wizard of OZ aka The USA is an Oligarchy

  1. Beyond me, Toodles. As I indicated on my FB page I no longer care. It is what it is. A govt that continuously considers itself the best eventually, well, gets the present results. It is not good to trump-et oneself.

    Ah 3:54 AM and time to get those weights moving.


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