The Daily 25/11/16; (this is double daily to punish Gloria I am posting two of her blog posts IN ONE DAY – TAKE THAT LITTLE WOMAN!)

I have spent a few days reading our fabulous news worthy informative blog, but I happen to see some flaws, and YES this is directed right at Toodles, I notice every one of her blog postings, perfect, no grammar errors, no spelling errors, and then there is GLORIA ,,, now versus know, our versus are, now come on Toodles are you really sabotaging my work?   Who else could it be, Microsoft?  Google? I think  this is Toodles being her usual devious self, my fat fingers and late night dark typing does not count at all!!!

Toodles I say GAME ON!!!



Part two!

Good Morning all!!

I think today should officially be Toodles Day!   There is 365 days of the year, so I figure we could give one of them up for Toodles, she has just gotten over her birthday, and mind you even though she did not share her celebration with some of her closest and dearest friend, on behalf of them I forgive her!  Now I think she needs her own day, and now of course that bad thing from this is that now she will be the Boss of ME!  so I am going to slink away quietly into the sunset,

Toodles the Rest is up to YOU!!!

Happy Toodles Day November 25. 2016




Oh Gloria, thank you for thinking about me! But you have it all wrong. Every day is Toodles day! 365, all of them!

I was fixing your posts as well as I could, I will have you know, but the simple fact is I suspect you may be illiterate. I have been meaning to talk to you about this for a while but I was not sure how to broach this subject. Just because you are one of the smarter people I know in this world, and you read and write all day long means nothing.

My paper mache bracelets are working out pretty good. Still a slow process but I finished off a couple more and I have been test driving them at work to see how they wear and hold up. Let me say though, responses to these have been mixed. My son said it would be nice if they had a more uniformly round shape. Ok. Let me start by saying I have been making them oval shaped on purpose because I personally hate working at a desk and having this awkward round clunky thing on my wrist. Traditional large bangles are too much in the way. Oval shaped allows better positioning when at a desk. However people seem to like the old fashioned outdated round shapes. So I am going to make a few like this and see if responses are better. What the people want, they will get damnit! They are becoming a bit thicker in shape too as I search for a good strength. I like it, they appear handmade and with the glossy finish I am adding on them it really visually appeals to me. There is no end to what I can decorate them with. I just wish the process to make these was faster. So starting tomorrow I will set off on making new shapes and mass producing a set of perhaps 20. I am also in the process of making some necklaces. Really looking forward to these guys. Speaking of guys I showed a male coworker these braacelets. I set them in front of him and I said look what I made! I made them from nothing! He picked them up, looked at them, set them down and said “oh”.





4 thoughts on “Double Daily!

  1. Gloria! I wondered where you got to and convinced myself I must have scared you right into the next year where you sit and await us while whiling away your time thinking of how to Get Toodles.

    Speaking of Toodles oval is great. I would hate it were things to flop around on me.

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  2. Toodles, you really are the boss of me aren’t you? It is a good job you are talented and that I love your bracelets, and waiting for you to re-gift me one, that is why I let you away with so much!!!
    Give it up for Toodles!

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