The Daily 27/11/16;


Well Happy Sunday!  What an exciting day, the traffic is bumper to bumper, the malls are busy, lineups everywhere, could we ask for anything better?

I was just thinking as I was walking the old phrase “what would happen if you did that?”  I was thinking “what would happen if I didn’t do that?”

What would happen if I didn’t get up and let someone have my bus seat?  Or what would happen if I didn’t let someone take my place in line?  Or what would happen if I didn’t miss that bus that I ran to catch?  Perhaps there really is a reason in the Universe for things to happen “just because”  I would always say don’t do that, because something might happen, well what if it does?  Maybe it was meant to be!  So today is my not to worry about Something Happening, if it does it will be great!  So Toodles if something happens and you are missing one of those odd shaped bracelets, then consider that Something Good happened (for me anyway!)

I love Christmas, I love the busy, I love seeing people talk when they normally don’t, I love the line ups (unless I am in one!)  And I especially love the music, everyone knows how I sing when I walk, well not there is a new Tune in my walk, this is my


TADDA….I am waiting for it




Gloria! Great concept here! But what about WHAT IF WE MAKE SOMETHING HAPPEN? Other people make something happen around us all the time. But what if we intentionally set out to talk to as many strangers in one day as we can? What if we make conversations happen. Could we get two perfect strangers besides ourselves chatting together and then we walk off? What if we hand out mini candy canes to Christmas shoppers standing in line at a department store? What else could we do? -Toodles


3 thoughts on “What If Something Happened?

  1. Sniff. Oh Gloria I had to go to the prompts café all by myself this morning. It just was not the same. The singer’s voice went up and down the scales like the flight of a baby fungus gnat. Hilarity ensued however when I looked up and saw a plant exactly like the one in a photo I had just had printed before the café visit. I went over and showed the picture to the plant. They didn’t say much to each other.

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